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Let's Talk Healthy Psoriasis Skin: The Emotional Challenges

Psoriasis is a chronic condition that is caused by an autoimmune response. It has nothing to do with the health of our skin, just the health of our bodies and our immune system. Psoriasis is not contagious nor caused by a lack of basic hygiene - in fact, these stigmas are hurtful and can cause significant emotional trauma.

What does healthy skin even mean when you live with a visible skin condition like psoriasis? Within our "Let's Talk Healthy Skin" article series, we intend to find out.

The emotional toll of psoriasis

To raise awareness of the management of psoriasis and its daily life impact, we'll be covering a variety of topics, including managing a new diagnosis, the impact of sharing experiences, and the true definition of what healthy skin actually means.

Our own advocates who contribute to PlaquePsoriasis.com have taken their time to share their own experiences when it comes to defining healthy skin. Next up? A pretty common reality that many with psoriasis face - rude stares, insensitive comments, and a whole lot of stigma. We've asked Jack and Reena to share how they respond to negative comments about their skin. Let's get started.

”jackgevertzJack Gevertz: I have had some negative remarks made about my psoriasis over the years, but also some curious questions about it too. Often, the best way to approach negativity about your condition is to try and educate that individual.

Tell them what the condition is, how it can’t be spread, and that it’s probably lifelong. This will help to reduce worry over the disease and make the person rethink what they have said.

Some of the comments, though, can have a negative impact on your mental health. I have struggled with anxiety and depression and know how psoriasis and comments you receive because of your psoriasis can impact that. If you’re struggling, speak to a friend or family member or someone to who you feel comfortable talking.

Tell them about the comment and how it’s made you feel and see if they can reassure you or help you in some way. If you’re still unhappy, I’d say reach out to a doctor or mental health specialist. They will be able to help you think through your thoughts, the comments you’ve received, and how that may be impacting your psoriasis. Give it a go and see how you get on.

”reenarupareliaReena Ruparelia: Yes. At times, so much I was unable to work or even function. For me, therapy has been helpful. As well as connecting with others in psoriasis communities, like Health Union and PlaquePsoriasis.com.

When I connect with others who live with psoriasis, I feel validated and also hopeful. I am also reminded that we are in this together. My advice is to talk about your emotions, sadness, and other areas of psoriasis that impact you - it's an all-encompassing condition. You deserve the opportunity to share and open up.

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