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Helpful Gift Ideas For Those With Psoriasis

"Tis the season to be jolly" plays in my head as I stroll through the stores and look at all the beautiful decorations. I absolutely love Christmas. Time with loved ones and good food. Most of all I absolutely love gifting the ones I love.

Helpful gift ideas...

There is no need for gifts too big and or expensive for them to be great. When we have someone in our close circle that has psoriasis, we might want to add something helpful or something that could help in some way.

It is important to remember that not everyone needs or wants these types of gifts. They are happy with what you would normally gift. This is for those of you who would like to add something helpful, but are not sure what to get.

Deadsea salts

These are always a winner for me, no fragrance or perfume added, they are great for soaking your skin and helping lift the dead skin cells. You could couple this up with some nice candles for a relaxing bath gift.

Soft pajamas

I absolutely love pajamas! The days when psoriasis flares are bad, wearing normal clothes is honestly just one too much for me. Cotton and bamboo are my favorite fabrics for this as they do not aggravate my skin at all. I would usually opt for pants and a top, so the skin on my legs does not touch each other.

Soft winter gloves

Winter can really give those with psoriasis trouble with our hands as they are usually exposed in winter and the cold can really dry the skin out and make the flare worse. Soft leather gloves with cashmere/cotton/bamboo insides can go a long way. Neutral colors are normally nice, as they can be worn with everything.


This is another great gift, particularly a great gift for winter. The winter air is prone to drying our already struggling skin out. This could be a great addition to a room and some essential oils could be added to the gift to be used for various things.


This might be one of my favorite gifts as yet. There is so much you can do, hot air ballooning, theatre tickets, meal experiences, a cooking class. There are so many options available.

Gift certificate

If you are unsure of what to get and do not want to buy the wrong things, a gift certificate is always a win. It could be for a body product store, a subscription, or just someone's favorite things.

Other considerations...

Things to be wary of are clothing items of strange wool or fabrics, as beautiful as they are, often they will not be used. It is often hard to tell what someone can use, as it is different for all of us. Perfumed body products, this too can cause a flare to trigger or generally just irritate psoriasis.

This is a time for love and memories with your loved ones. A beautiful card and a nice box of chocolates are equally wonderful. Happiest of holidays to you and yours!

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