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Holiday Hangover

After three weeks of traveling abroad, seeing and experiencing new things. I am not sure who was happier to be home. My daughter or myself, we both collapsed on our beds on the first night feeling completely shattered from our trip home. Three airports, two long flights, delays and layovers, and many, many people. One lost travel pillow (in one of the busiest airports, Dubai) 33 hours later we were home. My skin and my joints were totally unraveled from the traveling, my emotions high, due to some personal complications. I had the flu and I was ready to collapse on a heap in a dark room for days on end.

Counting our blessings

This was a big trip for her and I, it was our first big trip together. It was pulled off in record time, and being a single mom, I was blessed to be able to pull it off at all. We traveled, we walked in rainforests and swam in some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. More than anything I am thankful for the opportunity to travel and to take my little girl on these adventures. I am also very blessed to be able to come home to a job, a safe home and warm plate of food on my table every night. There were times that were tough so I have made a point of it for her and I to stop and be extra grateful for what we have.

Jet lag

OH MY GOODNESS! I have heard of the mystical thing called jet lag. Never did I think it would catch me in its talons.  A few days prior to leaving I had picked up flu, which knocked me on my behind, straight into bed. Upon arriving home, I figured I would feel better soon. Every day, before eight pm I was falling asleep wherever I found myself sitting. Figuring this was more than just flu tired and realizing that a fatal error was made when a deciding to go back to work the day after arriving home. Mental note to self, when crossing time lines, allow some time to recover at home before being needed back at work.

Skin and joints

Ladies and gentleman traveling is not easy when you have psoriasis in way shape or form. The material on the seats of the plane makes your skin itch. Dehydration up in the air is a real thing and it makes my skin so angry. My joints hurt and it feels as if they are going to explode. Legs and feet swell which puts the rest of my body under strain. It takes days after the long flight for them to recover. My only advise is feet up, rest and drink enough water. Take enough time to rest and be kind to your body. Extra moisturizer for the skin and enough rest to ease the aching joints.


The soothing sound of humdrum, the day in and day out routine that has a strangely soothing effect on my soul. It does not matter what I am in recovery from, whether it be grief, heartache or just a very busy schedule. The day to day doings of my life, the going to work and going home and the kitties that need to be fed. Shops that look the same and I know where to find what I am looking for. These are the things that on most days I would tell you the monotony can drive me to distraction. I can tell you without one single breath of hesitation that today they are soothing my soul. It makes sense, and when I find my world in chaos for any rhyme or reason, sense is something not much more than a fleeting thought. So when I find it, I hold on to it.

Even wonderful holidays have hangovers. The same way that fun nights and too much tequila have you lazing around for the day after. Take it easy. Count your blessings and fall into your routine and let the silent humdrum guide you.

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