female torso with inverse psoriasis under their breasts

Psoriasis and My Curves

This morning, life started slow, I woke up in a lot of pain; sore feet and aching bones. None the less, I got up slowly and kick-started the kettle, got my vitamins ready and headed to the shower. I was going to wake up nice and slowly allowing the warm water to soothe my aching body. I was in for a rude awakening.

I’ll be back

Last flare season I had gotten substantial psoriasis under my breasts. It was a nightmare to heal and keep well taken care of. I managed and thankfully it passed in time. Clearly, I had forgotten. This morning while washing and have a good scrub down, I washed and when I moved a certain way the world stood still. I could almost hear my skin tear. The pain was insurmountable and I simply froze. My insides felt like I could kick the shower door right across the bathroom. (Although in hindsight I am not sure what this would have achieved) Not even to mention that it took me a few moments to compose myself and think rationally about how I could make this pain stop. I rinsed my body under cold water and slowly looked to see what was going on. The psoriasis under my breasts had made a comeback leaving a bright red tear, scarlet drops left trickling down my body.

Be gentle

Do not wash with heavily perfumed washes or soaps, I opt to use one that is plain and fragrance-free. After a shower, a good pat down with a towel usually send me squealing out the room. So I chose to put the fan on and let it air dry. When it is nice and dry I moisturize lightly in a feeble attempt to stop the skin from cracking open. Wearing a t-shirt that breathes nicely helps keep it cool after as well.

Wet Wet Wet

Under the breasts, your skin is prone to getting warm and staying moist if not carefully cared for. First off, please know that this is normal and there is nothing to feel ashamed about. Our bodies generate a large amount of heat and while this is a good reason to snuggle in the winter, it can make keeping the areas under your breast moisture free a tough task. There is a trick to finding the balance and as I understand it, this is different for each person as we should have expected with it being psoriasis related.

Tips and tricks

Please note that these are all home remedies tried and tested by yours truly and some friends who have the same problem. None of them should be harmful to your skin. However, if anything you use or try aggravates your skin in any way stop immediately and consult your doctor.

  • Corn flour: Well for being used with babies who have mild to severe nappy rash where I am from. It has a very soothing effect. It collects excess moisture and seems to feel very soothing.
  • Sanitary pads/breast pads: Yes, you heard me right. They are both super absorbent and made for areas of our body that have very sensitive skin. You can place them in the bottom of your bra, and I have heard some people say the sticky bit, stick it to their bra and allow the absorbent pad to face the affected area. It can be very successful in assisting with absorbing any excess moisture and also creating a barrier between the bra and your skin.
  • Go bra-less: I think the jury is still out on this one as it can help or make it worse. Totally dependent and you and your skin. I do feel that it is worth a shot though.

Be careful using strong ointments, salves, or anything really as the skin is rather sensitive there and could thin easily. Chat to your doctor and see what you can use in that specific area that won't be too damaging.

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