A faceless woman resting her head on her hands has a smaller, more confident version of herself stepping out of her head with a smile on her face and her arms raised.

Living Your Life With Psoriasis

If you have psoriasis, then you know, it can turn your life upside down. Once you receive a psoriasis diagnosis, it impacts more than just your physical appearance. It cracks and bleeds into every area of your life - personal finances, work/life balance, and mental health.

The misery that those with psoriasis face can be described in many different scenarios in so many different ways.

Understanding the daily emotional impact

If you have recently been diagnosed with psoriasis, well, this story is for you. I hope this helps you get to know some of the problems that may come your way. Secondly, I hope this article will let the world know about the reality that we with psoriasis face.

I want to erase the stigma and promote awareness. A friendly smile or a kind compliment can empower us and give us the strength to fight. I want to let the world know that we need support and love.

Shameful feelings

I consider psoriasis growing trouble. The first and most disturbing change is the physical appearance. This gives birth to more problems like avoiding public gatherings, not showing up for work and different types of embarrassing moments. In my own experience, in the past, I've locked myself in my room for days to avoid people turning away from me. They made me feel like I turned into something that is shameful and harmful.

Psoriasis holds you from wearing clothes that show areas of skin. It forces you to wear covered clothes even in the scorching heat. In addition to the new skin accessories, managing the shame is an unseen symptom.

Humble resilency

Psoriasis changes the way you think and behave. It makes you humble. When you have seen enough of the miseries, you become more accepting towards others in search of their own acceptance. But despite that, we get nothing in return. All we get is disgust and words of pity. The resiliency is exhausting.

It took me years to learn to get emotional strength and show confidence. When I was able to like myself and be comfortable in my own skin, I was able to shine and share what I had with others. When I started feeling good about myself, I didn’t need the approval of others. This is beneficial also as it cleanses our relationships with people. It knocks out the people who do not truly care.

Positive coping

Positive coping was the hardest part for me. Prioritizing rest, work, and not feeling guilty. One part of coping is not limiting your daily life due to those shameful and embarrassing feelings. It's not worth it.

I encourage you to wear your psoriasis marks like trophies. It’s all in your mind and it all depends on how you think.

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