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Member Spotlight – Meet Brynee

Member Spotlight – Meet Brynee

What type of psoriasis have you been diagnosed with and how did you get diagnosed?

I have guttate psoriasis which sometimes can develop into plaque when the guttate gets so severe that all the tiny patches join together into larger plaques. I first flared age 16 and self-diagnosed myself (with thanks to googling my symptoms…cliche millennial over here) but I wasn’t formally diagnosed until I was 18 (I’m now 23). Later in life, I stopped taking my medication because of side effects and developed erythrodermic psoriasis from stopping cold turkey. I talk about erythrodermic psoriasis experience on my YouTube channel.

Member Spotlight Meet Brynee

What inspired you to begin your YouTube account?

I originally started posting about my psoriasis on Tumblr and created a ‘psoriasis blog’ on Tumblr. One day I had an anonymous question in my inbox asking me how I get my makeup so flawless with psoriasis on my face. She couldn’t cover it up was so self-conscious. She hated the fact she had psoriasis and that she basically wanted to die because she was so unhappy!

I was so shocked and felt desperately sad for this girl. I instantly got up went to my bathroom set up a makeshift tripod popped my phone on record and literally just recorded myself doing my makeup. I showed the products I use and how I cover up the crazy amount of psoriasis I had on my face. I had no idea how to film or how to edit videos but I watched YouTubers and kind of winged it to be honest! I was so nervous but I just wanted to get it filmed and edited and uploaded so I could send the link to the girl who messaged and hopefully help her feel better! She replied almost instantly and thanked me for helping her to get through the day. That was 4 years ago and that video now has over 20k views and SO many comments about how I’ve helped them. It’s crazy! I’m just so amazed I can help people!

What is the most difficult symptom you deal with currently?

The pain & itchiness and 100% the cracking/bleeding. It is simply horrible. When I was at my worst, my skin would literally rip when I would bend over – that’s how dry and tight it was. Then it would bleed scab over. It was a constant cycle.

I love your positivity and outlook. You’re truly an inspiration. How do you stay positive when you’re going through a flare?

This is a tricky one because I promote being upbeat and positive whilst having psoriasis…but at the same time, I’m very real and honest. I can hold my hands up and say when I’m having a bad flare. Sometimes I can’t stay positive. I really am passionate about the fact that it isn’t normal or healthy to be 100% happy and positive when suffering from something so life impacting. I have days where I’m upset or angry, usually when in pain. I try and limit how often that is and don’t let it become the norm to always be upset or angry. I have to stay positive.

I KNOW I’ve been through the worst of the worst and I’ve come out the other side. So I know I’ll be fine! I’ve become so much stronger as a person mentally and physically. My pain threshold is so much higher now. I’ve said this a thousand times – but I honestly mean it – if psoriasis didn’t hurt I honestly would be 1000% happy with the patches all over my skin. I think they actually are super unique and pretty especially when they’re in the healing process. I like when they are pale pink/white smooth and not itchy. I genuinely love the way they look. I’m at a point where I have accepted my skin and I am in a good positive place. But it’s just the physical pain that I struggle with.

A few things I do to stay positive is surrounding myself with supportive family & friends. I do activities that don’t stress my skin out. I get lots of ME time and have little “pamper sessions” where I really focus on healing my skin. I want to get more into yoga and meditation. Also on my ‘To Do list’ is taking control of my diet and following my little flare routine. My routine helps me to try and take control and limit the severity of the flare.

Staying positive definitely helps as being miserable and angry is so exhausting on your body. It will only make my psoriasis worse so I definitely keep that in mind. I try and keep myself distracted and positive. Having supportive friends and family is key!