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Last updated: June 2018

I have often pondered getting a tattoo. I figure if I don’t like it, it will just flake off anyways. If I do finally take the plunge and make my skin even more unique than it already is, I think I will get one that says “No Soliciting”.

It is amazing to me how many proclaimed cures are out there for psoriasis. It honestly makes me angry, because I feel that those of us with psoriasis are vulnerable to scams. This disease is so insidious, so painful, so unrelenting, that most of us would say we would try ANYTHING to get some relief. Those looking to make a quick buck realize this and target us. Now to be fair - there are some people out there that genuinely have found something that worked to put their symptoms into remission and may truly believe they have found that one thing that will work for everyone else too. Nonetheless, their good intentions could end up robbing you of hard-earned cash and get your hopes up. Here are some tips on how to keep your wallet and peace of mind safe.

There is no cure

If someone is touting they have found the cure; RUN. Run as fast as you can. There is no cure for psoriasis, and if there was, well-known organizations such as National Psoriasis Foundation and the American Academy of Dermatologists would know about it and inform you. We would all throw a huge party together and it would be well-known amongst all sufferers.

To reiterate the point I made earlier, just because something helped someone else reduce their symptoms, it doesn’t mean it is a cure. Psoriasis is such a strange disease. I think we can all agree on that. I met one man who had been on one of the first ever biologics and it is still working for him today, yet I also have met a woman who has tried and failed every medication and natural treatment and is covered head to toe. Even though we all have the same disease, it does not act the same in each person.

Dietary changes can be helpful… some

This is one that has been shoved down my throat more times than I can count. “YOU CAN BE PLAQUE FREE IF YOU CHANGE THE WAY YOU EAT!” Ah, if it was only that simple. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that I have found in my journey that backs this claim up. I have seen small studies here and there that show anti-inflammatory diets may help symptoms, but definitely, none that across the board help every person that tried it. Supplements and diet books can add up to a pretty penny, and although they may help my health overall and reduce inflammation, they are never going to rid me of my disease. In my experience, I deprive myself of foods I enjoy for weeks on end only to have had a reduction in hope, not plaques.

I will gladly acknowledge that I have met others in the psoriatic community who have had tremendous success in healing their skin by focusing on gut health or trigger food abstinence, but it never makes psoriasis stay away indefinitely. That is the nature of this disease: it ebbs and flows. So it is really hard to pinpoint if the improvement was due to the dietary change, or simply the course of the flare.

Check the facts

Finally—always look at things with a discerning eye. We do that in other aspects of our life too, right? We wouldn’t blindly give our money to someone who says they can offer us insurance for $10/month without checking to make sure they are a legitimate business. I feel we should be the same way with our health. We live in an age of Photoshop, trusting a photo that shows dramatic results from a hyped potion may set us up for disappointment. Who is advertising the treatment? Do they have a medical/research degree? How long has the company been around? Do they have complaints filed? All of these things can help in safeguarding us from scams. And if you do find out something is a scam, be sure to shout it loud and clear and warn others.

No one wants to find a permanent solution to this disease more than me, so I understand the appeal of each new treatment that comes out on the market. I have been let down more times than I can count, and I would not wish that disappointment on my worst enemy. Be careful out there, friends.

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