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4 People Who Have Made a Major Difference in My Life

Living with psoriasis has its share of ups and downs. I have run into incredibly rude people, but those around me who love me unconditionally help to wash out the negative people I have encountered. Check out these four people who have made a significant impact on my life with psoriasis and why.

My Grandmother

My grandmother worked extremely hard to get me the very best treatment for my psoriasis growing up. There were times that she had to take me for phototherapy treatments, sometimes as many as 4-5 times a week. She spent thousands of dollars in gas and time trying to ensure I had the best possible results. I remember there was a time my insurance changed and I had to visit a doctor who was at least an 1 hour and 30 mins away from where we lived. My grandmother took me there at least 3 times a week for phototherapy, which actually never worked for my skin, but she refused to give up on it. There were times my attitude was awful, I was dealing with insecurities, anxiety and panic attacks, unable to really articulate what was going on with me. There were moments I seemed to have an attitude with her although she really was doing the very best she could. Regardless of my attitude, meltdowns, and needs, my grandmother loved me through my condition.
Author Alisha B's grandmother

My Friend Joanna

I’ve been friends with Joanna for 15 years. We met my sophomore year of high school. This was a time where I hardly spoke of my disease and hid it at all costs, but most of my friends knew SOMETHING was going on with my skin. Last year she was planning for a wedding and asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. I was honored and excited especially since the psoriasis on the top half of my body was gone completely for the first time in years. Then a few months before the wedding my meds stopped working and I had a horrible flare. I was so nervous about ruining the look of her wedding, but Joanna’s love for me as a friend remained strong… She told me I could do whatever I wanted just as long as I was in her wedding… She told me I could show my arms, do body makeup, or cover up with a jacket/shawl, just as long as I was in her wedding. It made me feel AMAZING.
Author, Alisha B, with her friend Joanna

My Ex Husband

Although we are now divorced, he and I are great friends. When I first met my ex I was covered everywhere with psoriasis. I was so scared to be intimate or to show anyone my skin. During our dating period I shared with him the details of my psoriasis, but I was reluctant to actually show him. It was truly a process. Can you believe that we were intimate before he actually saw my skin, lol? It started off small… He asked me to put on one of his tank tops while we watched movies. When he saw my arms for the first time he took one, kissed it, and told me he didn’t care about my psoriasis he loved me for me. Although we didn’t work out for reasons outside of my psoriasis, I’m thankful to have crossed paths with him. He showed me that I could be loved for the flaws seen and unseen.
Author Alisha B, with her ex-husband

My Doctors

Since 7 years old I’ve seen at least a dozen doctors for my psoriasis. The doctors from my childhood were great… But I feel as though some doctors advocate harder for children than they do for adults. So in this instance, I want to focus on two doctors from my adulthood that really changed my life. The first was a Dermatologist in Montgomery, AL. (I’m not going to give his name because I’m not sure if his methods are standard.) He told me he wanted me to try a biologic, but in order to be approved, I would normally have to try methotrexate first. This doctor REFUSED to go that step because of the side effects it can cause in childbearing women. Somehow, someway, he worked it out to where I didn’t have to use methotrexate. I will forever love him for that. He and his staff went above and beyond to ensure I received my treatment without harming my body in other ways. The next is my current doctor in Atlanta, GA. She is the first doctor to help me achieve 100% psoriasis free skin. She does clinical trials so she has first-hand experience with the best treatments to use for psoriasis.

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