Who Do We As Patients Turn To For The Best Health Solutions?

Last updated: October 2018

This is one of those questions where it will make sweat pour from your eyebrows. It’s very hard and you have to think about this for a minute. I know that so many health professionals are not knowledgeable about psoriatic arthritis or psoriasis . It took me years to find a doctor who “got it”.

Searching for an answer

I started going to doctors over 50 years ago. I would be covered from head to toe in flakes and scales and so many doctors would write me a prescription for a tube of cream that lasted three or four days. It was supposed to last for a month. This nonsense went on for years for me. Not only did they not get it, but neither did I.

Do your research to makes sure this person is best qualified and who has an educational knowledge of your disease. I find myself turning to the community whether it's a nurse practitioner, specialist in the area of my disease or doctors. It can be very frustrating when you have a question and you don't know who to turn to or they don’t know the answer.

Incorrect answers

I always write out my questions or concerns and search for who can give me the correct answer. We have to be very careful of who we seek answers from. Sometimes it may not be in our best interest. I remember a doctor years ago who when I was taking my very first light treatments. He told me that because my skin was dark that I had to stay in the box longer. Well, this backfired; I burned badly and had to be hospitalized. This was someone I trusted but was not knowledgeable about me or my disease.

Everybody has an opinion. When it comes to our health, opinions don't count. This can be an opinion that can prove to be devastating. Do your homework. People like to talk and tell what they think. As a psoriasis patient living with psoriatic arthritis this no longer works for me.

Getting accurate information

I need correct answers based on my condition. I have a chronic disease which there is no cure and that's why there are professionals who know the answers to my questions. They know how to treat the unexpected symptoms and why we have some symptoms last longer than others. They know how to manage a flare. When our energy level has dropped they know the solution to what's the problem. I am one who wants the problem fixed. Every problem should have a correct answer and trust me, everybody doesn’t have the answer.

Living with psoriasis there are episodes of things that just show up. What do you do? I seek my answer from a person who has the educational ability to identify my episode. It’s the same way for going through those days of loneliness; seek out a person who is qualified to assist you. It is important and it’s been a life lesson that I pass on to others.

Ask an expert

Ask your doctor because at the end of the day they should be the one who has the answer. We will have many questions that we will seek answers too. I know for living with psoriasis all these years has brought up hundreds of questions over the years. Seek out professionals who have the right answers.

We have those friends who always want to give us medical advice, or they know someone who used this lotion or that potion; but we can only say “thank you” and understand they don't have the expertise to give medical advice. Seek out the professional in your medical community and do your research. I did.

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