Psoriasis, What Have You Done?

Last updated: November 2019

Psoriasis oh psoriasis, what have you done. Did you not hear my pleas to leave the rest of my body in peace? Besides, where were you the nights I cried in pain and begged for the burning to stop? Are you that heartless? Furthermore, we had a deal, we could co-inhabit this body if you stopped spreading. Psoriasis, you were supposed to stay where you were. Keep to yourself and I would treat you kindly and lather you in all the things you like. If you would just stop adapting and changing, stop moving the goal post. Psoriasis oh psoriasis, what have you done to my body?

Hands and nails

You never resided here, I was grateful every day. Every night when I did my things, I would smile and say thank you for leaving my hands alone. You see, I need my hands to work, I have an office job and I type a lot. Meals need to be prepared and my daughter's hand needs to be held. Our home needs to be cleaned. Besides all that, you went for my nails, truly a low blow, why did you need to do that? I was blessed with beautiful strong nails, I could pride myself on. The shape, the surface, it was fabulous. Now, nothing of that remains. In its place, nails that lift off the bed, furthermore, pits and cracks along the once elegant surface. I will not even mention the pain of it all, what it takes to function on a day to day basis.

Womanly curves

Did you think that I would stop loving myself once you spread to my womanly curves? What was is that made you decide that was a good idea. My bras all hurt me, and my skin burns like a hot coal most days. You left red patches all over my breasts. You could not stop there, you needed to make them hurt too. I will not allow you to take this from me, I will see it through everything you have done. In fact, why did you have to target the things I was most confident about and comfortable with.

Arms and Legs

I gave you free rein here, as this is where you first appeared, allowing you to have a place you can call home. Yet you forced me to face my insecurities as a young adult not only did it lead me to start advocating by example. But also let me learn that I more than just this skin that I am in. I took the lessons you were teaching me in my stride, for the most part anyway. Some days were very hard, and some of them still are. Yet, here I stand on the same legs that you have scarred and damaged, fighting.


This is your latest addition, once again I am sending you my pleas. Stop. I cannot wear contact lenses as they hurt my eyes so much. My specs have been worn for more than 20 years, I need them to see, to work and see the world and my daughter's beautiful smile. Having my ears split where they meet the side of my head, was not part of the plan. Going inside my ear was a shot below the belt, I beg of you, stay away.

I got fight

If nothing else, I got fight, there will be no giving up, you may bring me to my knees time and time again. Every single time, I will rise and continue to fight and continue to get up and come to work every day. You have taken enough from me, I will not give you everything.  There are days when I am so tired and emotionally fragile, but I will rise every single time. You will not take everything from me.

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