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Last updated: September 2018

This is the Summer 2018 edition of your community recommendations! We keep track of the products and treatments recommended by you and summarize them for other community members to try. In our last article we reviewed T/Sal, BENGAY, Mangosteen extract, Vaseline Intensive Care, and Corn Huskers Lotion. Let’s take a look at some more products you may want to add to your next shopping list.

Sulfur drops and crystals

What the heck are those?! Recently, one of our contributors wrote an article about sulfur and the healing effect that it may have on psoriasis. Shortly after that, one of our community members shared that she uses sulfur drops and sulfur crystals for her psoriasis. For topical applications, Happy Body offers MSM (sulfur) mixed with distilled water and sea salt. One of the reviewers states she mixes MSM drops with aloe and uses it on her daughter’s psoriasis. Sulfur can also be taken as a supplement, and that’s what the sulfur crystals from Happy Body are for. The theory is that many conditions are exacerbated by nutrient/mineral deficiencies, sulfur being one of them. Although not able to make medical claims, there is research to suggest that sulfur therapy can ease psoriasis symptoms.


Speaking of minerals, a company called bareMinerals sells high quality skincare lines and makeup that a few community members have tried and loved. In the moisturizers section you’ll find a cream called “Butter Drench,” which sounds divine. It’s got ingredients like shea butter and carnauba wax, which are sure to lock in moisture. In the makeup department they have everything you could want, from foundation to eye shadow to brushes. Some of the products have thousands of positive reviews! Mineral makeup generally has fewer fillers than traditional makeup, and it has skin-soothing ingredients added. Because bareMinerals products are paraben-free, they are hypoallergenic, which is great for sensitive skin. They also contain a natural sunscreen, zinc oxide, which many love for their psoriasis. I’d say this company is worth a look.

Dream Cream from LUSH

If I had a dollar for every time someone with psoriasis waxed poetic about LUSH Cosmetics’ Dream Cream… well, I’d have at least $50. If you haven’t been to LUSH, you’ve got to go! The store is filled with lots of brightly colored soap bars, and they always have new stuff coming out (there are a lot of really great "how it's made" videos about their soap-making process too). The description of their Dream Cream is “our most gentle cream for troubled, sensitive skin.” Troubled is certainly the right word to describe my skin! What’s to love? Olive oil, cocoa butter, tea tree and lavender oil, with an oat milk base. What else? The product lines are vegan and there’s no animal testing. Want a little extra? Store your Dream Cream in the fridge for an extra soothing experience.

Blister Guard Band-aids

The purpose of these for psoriasis may not be immediately obvious, but stay with me. One of the most frustrating things about psoriasis is the cracks. Made worse by dry skin, psoriasis can cause deep fissures in heels, elbows, and hands that are incredibly painful. The deeper they run, the more your nerve endings will complain. Band-aids’ gel bandages can be a great way to protect and heal these cracks. They are waterproof, have extra padding, and promote healing. A few community members love to lather on some aloe first and then apply the bandage. Check them out if cracks are a problem for you.

BONUS: DIY whipped coconut lotion

In the spirit of an “at home” bonus, try this whipped coconut lotion. Take 1 cup of liquid coconut oil and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and whip with an electric beater. Store in a Tupperware container and enjoy this super simple treat for your skin. Feel free to mix it up with different essentials oils too (maybe a little lavender before bed, or peppermint for those extra itchy spots?).

Have any great recommendations for us? Leave them in the comments below! See you in a few months for the next edition :)

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