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Four Favorite Psoriasis Summer Tips

Last updated: July 2021

Summer has finally arrived. Being someone who goes into remission in summer, this is a very exciting time for me. Pain levels decrease, skin lesions start healing almost overnight as if by magic. I have not been able to explain this phenomenon to anyone, even to myself.

Tips for surviving summer with psoriasis

The season simply feels different. Take note, this happens before I have even gotten any sun. When the seasons change, without a doubt life is going to get sweeter for a while.

Trust me, its only for a while. You won't find me complaining and I will take what I can get. If it is one day, one week, or one month, I will happily take it. Believe it or not, going into seasonal remission is not without its own rules and rules change.

I have four fabulous life hacks that really help me keep me and my skin in check over the sweet summer months.


How many times have we been told that we must drink more water? I love drinking water. I prefer it to soda and fruit juice and in the summer, I would even go as far as to say I prefer it to coffee. I know, I know, total shocker, right?

In addition to drinking enough water, I load up on water-rich fruit and veggies. Watermelon, cucumber, cantaloupe, pineapple, and citrus fruits. I find that a diet rich in these fruits in summer goes a long way for me.

Summer sun

My skin adores the sunshine. Me, not so much. I do not like getting hot or sweating. So we both have come to a happy compromise. We get enough sun, but not too much.

I do let myself get enough sun every couple of days. Gradually the psoriasis spots reduce in size and the red starts fading to white. I use a good sunscreen, Nivea and Moogoo are my current favorites. If you have any favorites, please drop me a comment below. It is always good to know what other people are using.

I notice that when I have been in the sun all day, that evening my skin will be red and a little grumpy. The cure for comfort is a cool shower, a thick layer of moisturizer, some water, and a night of good sleep.

Rest and relaxation

This tip works well all year round, but for me is just as important in the summer. I am sure to take time to spend with the ones I love. Taking time for myself to read and watch a movie, and every now then, sleep a little later.

If you can, get away to a sunny destination for a while, even if it is to a relative's backyard. Getting away from the mundane is wonderful and always a welcomed breakaway. Be it for a morning or a week. Again, take what you can.

Surviving summer with psoriasis

Last but not least. Just because you go into remission does not mean you can just let loose and use what you want. I used to get excited and want to use all manner of soaps and perfumes. Guess what folks, it does not work that way.

It is honestly just not even worth the effort. Just stick to what works and do not give your psoriasis any reason to kickback. Enjoy the seasonal remission.

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