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A Trip To A New Climate

Psoriasis is my forever companion, on the long road and the short. Recently, I took a long road trip, clocking in at 16 hours of driving. We moved through a variety of environments, and weather cycles. While we did not move through time zones, we did move through about 5 different landscapes. Each with its own weather cycles, air quality, and barometric pressure.

The air conditioner in the car definitely dried my skin out a bit and the constant sitting aggravated not only my psoriasis but my psoriatic arthritis too. We did make sure to take enough rest stops and stretch our legs sufficiently which helped break up the constant sitting in the same position. Pulling a cotton duvet cover over the seat also assisted by making sure my skin was not on the upholstery of the car for so long as my skin did not like that fabric one bit.

Effects on my psoriasis

By the time I got to my destination (my hometown), my skin had kicked up in total rebellion to the trip. I am sure that every single psoriasis plaque on my body had raised and dried up more than ever before. The air out here is certainly drier, I find myself needing to drink a lot more water too. Importantly I have had to double up on my moisturizing regime, twice a day is not enough. I am not 100% sure if it is the water, the air, or simply a combination of the two, but oh boy, my skin is not happy.

Feeling it in my joints... or not

On the contrary, my psoriatic arthritis is so happy up here in the north of South Africa. Which given the drive of 16 hours is pretty amazing. Straight after the trip, I was pretty sore and stiff, I won't lie. Since being here and having gotten some sleep, I have not needed a painkiller in two days. Which for me at this time of year is pretty amazing. My pain levels are down and my stiff joints have taken a back seat to walking, for a change.

I am able to get out of bed easier and I seem to have more energy. So while I am out of home I am going to enjoy the relief from the pain and manage my psoriasis as best I can.

Weather cycles

The major difference between the two areas is that home is a rainy winter area the moisture is around all season, with thunderstorms and the like, and summer is dry season. However, along the coast I do believe the air holds more moisture, during the summer at home, my skin clears and my joints calm down.

Where I am currently though, winter is the dry season so dry in fact that air is static, I am always shocked with I touch things. Rain comes around in the summer, with major electrical storms and the like.

Somehow all of this translates into a very different language for my body, psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. They are behaving totally out of character and I cannot help but wonder what it would be like if I moved to a different province/state or country and if I would be able to find a happy medium of weather cycles and climate to appease this very fussing body of mine.

Have you ever moved to accommodate your health and has it made a big difference?  We would love to hear what has worked for you geographically.

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