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Trying Anything to Cure Psoriasis

Last updated: June 2023

Having psoriasis is one of the hardest diseases to cope with. The ugly patches, the itching and the bleeding that goes along with it can make you almost tempted to try anything to cure it. This is not another put lotion on it to make it a better story.

I have tried a couple of things to make psoriasis better so I speak from experience. These things are not what a doctor would prescribe to you. A couple of the things I tried made me honestly question myself about what was I thinking.

I thought I would share these with you along with a few other stories from friends regarding things they were told to try to cure their psoriasis. Some you may find funny, some you may find gross while some are frightening. Please consider what you are about to try when following recommendations. Maybe you will understand why as I explain more.

What I have tried to treat my psoriasis symptoms

Let me start by saying that over the years I have heard of many things to try. Most people if they care about you just want to help. However, that doesn't always make it easy to hear those suggestions since we tend to hear a lot of them.

Like I mentioned before putting lotion on it is a standard saying that pretty much comes from everyone's lips. One of the things I tried was putting alcohol on it. Another thing I tried was putting peroxide on my patches.

Both of these made me question my desire to fix the problem. Once I got over the initial burning these two created, it honestly did nothing to help. I just wanted psoriasis to go away so bad that I would have done almost anything to obtain that result.

What my friends were suggested to use or did use

I have a really good friend named Melissa Withem-Voss. She has severe psoriasis. She told me the story of a lady suggesting to her to put cow manure on it. Gross indeed. Of course, I had to laugh when she said to me "Guess what treatment I didn't try."

She also told me that her mother had been told to use urine on her two brothers who also had psoriasis. Something else gross right? I did not ask her if her mom tried these because I really did not want to know. It would be something I would never try.

Now on to the story, I found frightening. I had a friend who actually was told to use horse treatments that would cure his psoriasis. Unfortunately, he did. We do not know the vet he got the horse treatments from because he never would say.

He got rushed to the hospital. He did not survive. It was heartbreaking because he was not an old man. His psoriasis was not as bad as mine was. He just wanted what we all want to be free of psoriasis.

Please heed the warning

You can imagine our heartbreak at the loss of our friend. It has been years since this happened. I still think about it each time I hear someone give me a new suggestion to try. I kindly just respond I already am trying things to treat my psoriasis that my doctor prescribes me.

Thanks but no thanks. I am sure you have tried things as well to try to treat psoriasis. A lot of people would rather do it the natural way without medication. Cutting out certain foods or alcoholic beverages are things that can be done to treat psoriasis. Alcohol and peroxide, while it burns like crazy, are okay.

However, something like horse treatments or other crazy suggestions to that effect are not safe. They are safe for the animals that they treat. They are not safe for human consumption. Please think about what someone suggests to you to try.

Really stop and think about the possible effects that could happen with trying it. If it does not make sense to you please do not do it. If it sounds alright you still might want to ask your doctor about it. Your life is not worth putting in jeopardy trying to get rid of psoriasis.

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