By Editorial Team - January 17, 2017
Living with psoriasis isn’t easy. Some days, it’s hard just to even get out of bed (especially after a sleepless night when even the sheets hurt) let alone remembering to eat three... READ MORE

By Chris Pettit - January 13, 2017
The physical symptoms of plaque psoriasis are undoubtedly horrible. If you have the disease, I need not say any more. If you don’t have the disease, imagine chapped lips, but all over... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - January 12, 2017
A new study published this December in JAMA Surgery has found some interesting connections between gastric bypass surgery and the onset and severity of psoriasis.  Researchers in Denmark analyzed over 13,000 individuals... READ MORE

By DianeT - January 11, 2017
This has been an age-old question that I have ask myself for years in the psoriasis community for a few years now. Can my having psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis really kill me?... READ MORE

By DianeT - January 4, 2017
I am one of millions of people living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and one in a million with no health insurance for getting the proper treatment for our disease. I get... READ MORE

By JoniK - January 2, 2017
I can still clearly remember waking up one morning in April 1998, itching and covered practically head to toe with vicious, scaly red spots. So many things ran through my head. “Did... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - December 28, 2016
In honor of 2016, we wanted to highlight what you had to say about some of the top symptom challenges, treatment concerns, and quality of life issues. As you probably know, every... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - December 26, 2016
A couple weeks ago Congress approved a new healthcare-centered bill called the 21st Century Cures Act.  The bipartisan bill passed the House of Representatives and the Senate by large majorities and was signed... READ MORE

By VickiN - December 24, 2016
The holiday season is stressful enough, but surviving it doesn't have to be. Get our tips on surviving the festivities and avoiding a psoriasis flare up.

By DianeT - December 23, 2016
I have lived with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis for many years now. I got psoriasis at a 5, psoriatic arthritis at 25. I have been on a whirl wheel for a while now.... READ MORE

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