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What advice would you give to someone newly diagnosed with psoriasis?

Thinking back on your own psoriasis journey and when you were first diagnosed with psoriasis what is one thing that you think would be helpful for someone who is newly diagnosed to know early on in their diagnosis? Do you have any advice you would give a newly diagnosed individual based on your experiences with psoriasis?

Community Answers
  • SteveLassiter
    10 months ago

    Be ready for a life change.From eating and sleeping to work environment and friends.Get HELP as soon as possible.This disease to me has only worsened(sorry) over time.I am 48 now.I have been suffering with Psoriasis for 23 years and PSA severe for 6 years.Be willing to try new drugs pending on your condition.Follow ALL doctors orders and avoid stress as much as possible,it causes more pain and not good for the treatment.Be prepared to be let down and be amazed when something starts to work.When it does,stick with it.Last thing is Pray. Steve

  • Clair G moderator
    1 year ago

    I must agree with Vicki on finding a support group , It is so important to make sure you don’t find yourself isolated and lonely, It can be a real scary journey, It can however (believe it or not) be a beautiful one. You will meet some amazing people and make life time friends along the way. Take time to rest, moisturize allot, go see a Dermatologist, find a Dr that works for you, that understands you and Psoriasis,Remember that not the same thing works for everyone so don’t get discouraged if one of the first things you try does not work. Take one day at a time. – Clair , Community Moderator

  • VickiN moderator
    1 year ago

    I would say it’s so important to reach out to support groups. It was many years of having psoriasis before I connected with a Facebook group for psoriasis sufferers. It was like my whole world opened up and I realized I wasn’t alone. That was huge for me! Don’t be afraid to reach out, and don’t take a shoulder shrug from your PCP as the final say… get a Dermatologist and be an advocate for yourself.
    -Victoria, Community Moderator

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