Any tips for dating?

I just started dating someone and I have no idea how I’m going to explain it all….any tips?

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  1. DianeT says:

    I have been with my husband for over 20 years. I was around 80 to 90% covered with psoriasis when we met. I told him on the first date about my psoriasis. I just ask him did he know what psoriasis was, of course he had never heard of it. I had educated myself enough to intelligently explain this to him. I told him I could never commit a crime because my DNA would always be left behind. He laugh; and the rest is history. I agree with Vicki N, just be comfortable in explaining it.

  2. VickiN moderator says:

    The more comfortable you are with discussing your symptoms, the more comfortable the other person will be! It’s been my experience that most people are far more accepting of my skin than I imagine they will be. Find a way to work it into the conversation… for example, maybe when you’re discussing family you could bring up that psoriasis runs in your family? It’s not usually difficult for me to find an “in”. “Hey, would you like a muffin?” “Oh thank you, but gluten aggravates my psoriasis!” Or possibly “You smell like coconuts, is that your lotion?” “Yes! It’s the best for my psoriasis. Oh, you’ve never heard of psoriasis? Allow me to explain…”. Be confident and trust in the goodness of others.

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