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Treatment Issues

Homeopathic Help

  • By LindaL

    I have been diagnosed with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis years ago. I went to a very well known rheumatologist who put me on methatruxate to help with my symptoms. Every Sunday I would stare at that bottle and knew that I was administering a chemo drug into my body, and it was very hard for me. My niece who was a nurse told me to stop talking it then, and look for an alternative, which I had never thought of, because of my strong feelings about the medical community doing what is absolutely right for my body, so it took a long time to decide to go off the drug and find an alternative. BUT I DID! I found someone who said – I can help you with that, as they looked at my red, itchy hands, and the scratching from the incessant itch. AND they did – I went on a detox daily, a bowel digestive enzyme before my meals and a remedy that stopped the progression of my arthritis, cleared up my skin, and I am itch free most of the time. When I am not kind to my stomach due to my leaky gut, it comes back to let me know who is in charge. I recommend anyone seek out the link between psoriasis and leaky gut – it has enhanced my life greatly – AND the homeopathic opportunities to wellness – Linda

  • By CathyD Moderator

    Hi Linda,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! The way we choose to treat our condition is totally personal and it has to feel right. It’s so great to read that you are doing well and have found a regimen that suits you.

    I’m not sure if you are aware but we have a sister site for psoriatic arthritis, which you are more than welcome to stop by at anytime:

    Best wishes,

  • By RebeccaB Keymaster

    Linda – I just have to say your pup is adorable!!!! I have a Yorkie, too. They’re such great little dogs!!!!