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Just diagnosed

  • By jetsers

    But after reading about the issue I have been experiencing symptoms for almost 18 years.

    Its good to know what is going on, but before it just seemed like oh its no big deal. This current flare up has been so bad I went to the doctor and got officially diagnosed.

    I am so ready for it to go into remission again. Its currently in 6 large areas on my scalp. But over the years I have had it on my legs, groin and elbows also. But this is the itchiest it has ever been.

    So I guess instead of just complaining I have some questions.
    1. how often can I use the t-gel shampoo?
    2. when using the t-gel should I discontinue my tea tree oil shampoo on alternate days?


  • By VickiN Moderator

    Hi @jetsers! I figured I would weigh in here because I use both T-gel and tea tree oil shampoo, lol. I use the T-gel about 2 times/week, which I think is what is recommended (don’t have my bottle infront of me). I do believe that if you’re new to T-gel they recommend you ease into it though (i.e. start with once every week or two weeks). I personally don’t use my tea tree oil shampoo on the same days I’m applying T-gel, just because I find the double action is irritating (both coal tar and tea tree oil can be pretty strong stuff).
    If you’re liking T-gel I would also personally recommend keeping an eye out for Denorex. It’s also a coal tar-based OTC shampoo, but it also has menthol, which has a great cooling sensation that temporarily relieves itching. I swap back and forth between T-gel and Denorex.
    Best wishes!
    -Victoria, Community Moderator