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Pets and Health – #LoveYourPet

  • By RebeccaB Keymaster

    February 20th, 2017 is Love Your Pet Day! In honor of this fabulous day, we want to hear all about your pets!

    Do you have a pet? Or, have you ever participated in animal therapy? If so, share your pet’s story and tell us how he or she helps you cope!

  • By VickiN Moderator

    I have two cats, Tinkerbelle and Libby. Tinkerbelle is a calico and Libby is a grey tabby. In the first year of my M.Sc. degree I decided to adopt from the Humane Society in my University town. When I went to the Humane Society I had initially thought I would adopt an orange tabby from their website, but as I was walking past the cages I felt a pull on my pant leg. When I looked down, a thin calico cat named “Belle” had a hold of me! I adopted her that day and changed her name to Tinkerbelle. That was 7 years ago, and she’s still the most loving cat I know… always up for a cuddle or a tummy rub. I guess no one gave her the memo that as a feline she’s supposed to tire of having her belly rubbed, because she’ll purr away for hours during her belly rubs, and give you head buts if you stop. One year after I got Tinkerbelle I saw a Kijiji ad for a grey tabby who had recently given birth and would soon be leaving her temporary foster home. The foster family was anxious to find this sweet girl a home sooner, because she hated cages and would remain huddled in the back, refusing to come for anyone. They worried that no one would notice her if she had to go back to the cages at the Humane Society. That was how I adopted Libby! Libby took a lot longer to warm up to our family and usually preferred to stay curled up on our beds. One Christmas though we decided to finally get our fireplace cleaned so we could use it, and the first night we turned it on… there was Libby sleeping in front! I guess the pull of a cozy hearth was greater than the desire to be anti-social. Now she’s always milling around, chirping at the birds and trying to sneak out the front door. In the summer we put a harness on her so she can explore the backyard (by “explore” I mean “eat grass”).

    Both of my cats bring me lots of love and cuddles, and they certainly make my life brighter. If I’ve had a bad night of tossing and turning, I can still count on them to accost me in the morning for their food. If I’m feeling down and needing a Netflix binge, they’ll come and sleep in my lap. And if you ever need a pet to remind you that not everything is about you, then you should definitely get a cat 😉

    -Victoria ( team)