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Treatment Issues

Recommendations for an 11 year old child?

  • By Grace

    This is not my story, it is my Granddaughter’s who has patches of Psoriasis on her head. I have tried so many treatments and there isn’t anything that helps. The patches are raised, itchy and oozing. Are there any recommendations for an 11 year old? The doctor has given her oral medicine for a certain amount of days, plus numerous creams. Nothing seems to work. Now that she is reaching an age where she is aware that people might see it, she is a nervous wreck and I am sure that isn’t helping. Can anyone have a recommendation?

  • By CathyD Moderator

    Hello Grace and thank you for your post.

    It is really difficult when a child is suffering, I am sorry to hear about your granddaughter. I had it quite severely as a child, particularly on my scalp, so I can empathise. Has she been referred to a dermatologist?

    We have a couple of great articles on scalp psoriasis and also psoriasis in children/teens, both have some treatment options that you may be interested in looking at/discussing with your granddaughter’s doctor:

    It is tricky with children as often their psoriasis has to be fairly severe for stronger treatments to be considered, although prescription of these medications does occur. Things that I have found helpful for me personally are dovonex scalp solution (a prescription vitamin d derivative), tar shampoos (polytar is good) and also avoiding SLS/sulphates in shampoos. The last one made quite a dramatic difference for me, but of course everyone is different. I hear of people finding coconut oil very beneficial, also.

    I hope you find the articles helpful and your granddaughter can get some relief x

  • By fin

    I really feel for your granddaughter. I was diagnosed with psoriasis when I was 6 (43 years ago) and also Suffered from scalp psoriasis. I do not say suffer lightly. It was absolutely miserable!! I found that sleeping with a shower cap on helped to keep my scalp from drying out so bad. I would use Clobex (2-3 days a week but no more or it kind of loses its effect), Dovonex, or a medication called DermaSmoothe. If I put these on before the shower cap at night it would soften up the scale so I could comb it out before I showered in the morning. The only trouble is that when I would comb it out, I would pull a lot of hair out with the scale which caused my hair to really thin out. About a year and a half ago I began taking Juice Plus supplements. Juice Plus is simply dehydrated fruits and vegetables (as many as 30) that are put in a capsule. By flooding the body with vitamins, minerals, and more importantly, phytonutrients, it allows inflammation inside the body (the real culprit of psoriasis and multiple other diseases) to be tamed. A year after I began taking it, my psoriasis went into remission. I have been psoriasis medication free for 7 months… the first time ever in 43 years. If an adult places an order for Juice Plus, the child can get it for free under the Child Health Study. Might be worth checking into. Good luck to her. Tell her she is not alone. There are a lot of kids like us.

  • By Malcolm

    My child has had psoriasis for 5 years. Her scalp skin was scaling so hard it was noticeable even when she was walking. Her arms were covered in huge patches. There was much psoriasis on her belly, too. We were so desperate but I accidentally came across PsoEasy series for psoriasis treatment. It’s manufactured by some Israel pharmaceutical company and is based on natural products. PsoEasy cream and shampoo greatly relieved Julia’s symptoms and I’m so glad I found this series of products that day. I recommend that every parent should just try one of these products to relieve the degree of suffering their child is going through.