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Have any advice for severe psoriasis on feet?

Have any advice for severe psoriasis on feet?

  1. Hi mchelle!
    I'm sorry that your feet are giving you trouble. Do they get worse during the winter months especially? I'm also curious if it's plaque psoriasis or pustular psoriasis that you have on your feet? They are both really frustrating.
    When I've had psoriasis on my feet they get really dry and crack easily. It's also really painful because my socks rub against it. Can you relate? When this happens I use coconut oil and my favourite shea-butter based moisturizer at night and then put on some fuzzy socks. It helps to keep them soft and keeps the cracking down. I'll also add a bit of menthol to my cream if they are itchy (the cooling sensation is really nice!).
    Have you tried any topicals, or are you working with a Dermatologist on another treatment plan? Thanks for reaching out to us, we're here for you.
    -Victoria, Community Moderator

    1. Hey VickiN,
      I am 54 and have only had psoriasis for almost two years. I have seen different Dermatologists and tried several different creams and ointments. The latest being Clobetasol. Nothing seems to be working. I put the medicine on at night and sleep in cotton socks.

    2. mchelle, this sounds very frustrating. My skin has also stopped responding to topicals (I felt like I tried absolutely everything). I'm wondering if any of your Derms have suggested targeted phototherapy for your feet? There are even some at-home, handheld devices that you can get. If not phototherapy, then next up they might try systemics/biologics if it's significantly affecting your quality of life. It's such a tricky condition because some of us have to cycle through a lot of different treatments before we hit on something that works really well.
      I might also ask your Derm about adding in some coal tar lotion. There are quite a few OTC coal tar creams that you can buy. I wonder if they would help soften things up.
      Is it bad plaques/cracking you are experiencing, or is it more pustules?
      Warm wishes,
      -Victoria, Community Moderator

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