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What are your favorite moisturizers?

Everyone has their go-to products for moisturizing their psoriasis. What are your favorite products for keeping your skin hydrated?

    1. I love Sebamed! Their products are great for sensitive skin but they also carry moisturizers designed for those with rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and acne. It's so cold out today, I am so happy I am carrying their travel size kit in my bag.

      1. Where do you get this Sabemal?? Didn't see that in my CVS.

      2. Sebamed, I guess that is helpful and effective

    2. So far for this flare I am using MG217. So far it's ok but expensive for me. I use to use dovenex prescribed by the dr. on my spots. Never had this all body thing going on. It all started with scalp psoriasis and I used the meds prescribed for me but that was 40 yrs ago. I was lucky it never came back.

      1. ooooohhh, this is one of my favorite topics, I love using MOOGOO, and child's farm for sensitive skin. They are fabulous. I alternate as my skin does not like using the same thing for too long.

        1. Hello , You brought a smile to my face. I grew up on a farm. We were dirt poor. I had severe psoriasis, covered from head to toe. My parents would put a salve on me that was used on the animals to give me some relief. Thanks for sharing this. Diane (Team Member)

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