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Is everything that a doctor tells you true?

I remember years and years ago, having psoriasis in my nose. It was very painful and uncomfortable.

I told my doctor this. He firmly said, "You can't get psoriasis in your nose. I was very naive and in my mind, if that's what the doctor said, then it has to be true.

I would just put Vaseline in the nose to get some comfort, and whatever creams the doctor gave me for my skin. I don't remember how long I did this, but it eventually went away.

Back in the day, I would never have dreamed of not believing a doctor. It's been several decades now. But in today's world, If I'm not sure; I will get a 2nd opinion.

Have you ever doubted your doctor or questioned them? If so, did you take any necessary steps?

  1. Yes Diane, I've mentioned this before - but inside my ears! I kept asking the ear docs what was up, and got no help there. Thank you to my dermatologist who listened at my last visit and prescribed the new drops for me! Works like a dream.

    1. Hello , I am just checking in to see how you are doing. Are you enjoying the holiday season? We would love to hear from you.

      Diane (Team Member)

    2. we’re done my well here. Thanks for asking.

  2. , when I was young my mum was told by our GP that children can't get psoriasis and told her off for saying that I had it! Thankfully, my grandad had psoriasis and was also a GP so we knew what I was dealing with, and of course this was all eventually confirmed by many dermatologists over the years. I still find it quite unbelievable that a doctor said that! -Catherine, Community Moderator

    1. Hi , I hope you having a great day. Oh my, yes doctors have more of a great bedside manner since the 70's. They seem to know a lot more about psoriatic disease. I grew up in a town that didn't even have a dermatologist. We have come a long way baby!!

      I hope you get the nose psoriasis under control. (that hurts) Thanks for chiming in. Diane (Team Member)

    2. That is just wild! And I hate to say this but I think a lot of older doctors can be stuck in their way of thinking and also struggle with staying up to date with medical trends that change throughout the years. But even still, he's a doctor! Although we've made progress in the healthcare industry, we surely still have a ways to go. -Latoya (Team Member)

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