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Has Anyone Used Citric Acid for Psoriasis ?

I am using a Citric Acid supplement and seems to be really helping my Psoriasis. I have always had a problem with Citric Acid I could not eat very many lifesavers without getting ulcers in my mouth and a stomachache. I could not drink much orange juice either and my sister and father have the same problem. I spent almost 2 years trying all kinds of supplements and found that odorless garlic extract helped reduce my itching and I was taking it because 6 grams per day is supposed to reduce chances of prostate cancer also. After taking the garlic for a few weeks I ate a couple of lifesavers and notice they did not seem to cause a reaction like they always have so I tried the Citric Acid Supplement too and it reduced my itching and bumps a lot. I think as the garlic reduce my symptoms it also reduced my reaction to Citric Acid and I have my theory why.

So I’m wondering if others have reactions to Citric Acid and if anyone has tried Citric Acid Supplement ?

  1. Hi @Paulhh, thanks for reaching out to our community. I have not heard of this before, but I am so glad it is helping you. I really hope you hear back from our community with their personal experiences with this. Jill, Team Member

    1. I want to report I have continued to investigate acid supplements and have found that Betaine HCL which breaks down into Hydrochloric acid same as the stomach acid is considerably improving my Psoriasis and several other symptoms also. Apple Cider Vinegar supplement worked pretty good too but Betaine HCL is much stronger. But don't take my word you might want to read the reviews at amazon if you are interested. It has been around for quite a while and is recommended for digestive problems by MD's in some cases and not in others but the reviewers really seem to like the results and I am starting to see why.

      1. Hi @Paulhh, thanks for sharing with us. As you mentioned, this might not help everyone, as we are all different, but I am so glad this is helping you. We are so glad you are a part of our community. Jill, team member

    2. Hi Jill Thanks for your interest. Yes it is true it seems different things work for different people. Some people might not have some of the other symptoms I have like Rosacea, red eyes, joint swelling and soreness, infections around the toe and fingernails, fatigue, etc, etc., and I didn’t even realize I might have Psoriatic Arthritis until I started trying some different supplements that helped my Psoriasis that also helped the other symptoms. Betaine HCL for example is primarily used for digestive problems also like Apple Cider Vinegar so I didn’t even see the relationship to begin with but when I searched is Betaine HCL good for skin it says “Betaine HCl also facilitates nutrient absorption, prevents intestinal bacterial overgrowth, increases potassium levels, and may benefit skin health.”

      1. Only thing I would mention is that everyone who is considering this should talk to their doctor before starting. It's always a good idea to run such things by the doctor first. Vickie W., Team Member

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