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Inverse psoriasis

I have been struggling with inverse psoriasis on my groin area for almost a year. Burning, itch and bleeding is the biggest problem. Nothing the doctors have done so far has helped. I am at my wits end. Any suggestions?

  1. Hi , I feel your pain. Dealing with inverse psoriasis is miserable. It sounds like you are having a really rough time with it. What have you tried so far from the doctors?

    A few of us have shared some of the things we find helpful in the following forum discussion: My routine has actually changed a little bit since I posted there - I've switched from a medicated talc to a cornstarch powder. The one I use has added menthol and eucalyptus which feels very cooling. I have also been put on methotrexate for psoriatic arthritis. It might be a coincidence, but I haven't had an inverse psoriasis flare up since I made these changes (knock on wood!!!). I've seen some people say that they use coconut oil on the groin area, although I haven't tried this myself.

    I was also able to find this article, where Clair offers some tips for dealing with psoriasis in the groin area: I hope this is helpful and you can find something that will bring some relief. Please keep us updated on how you're doing if you can. We're here for you! -Catherine, Community Moderator

    1. This link is very helpful. The forum thread has a lot of good information.

    2. , I'm so glad you found it helpful! I've definitely benefitted from hearing how others manage their psoriasis. Do you have inverse psoriasis too? -Catherine, Community Moderator

  2. I recommend finding a really good doctor. In the mean time, the links provided have a lot of good information.

    1. I’ve found EGO QV cream good & La Roche-Posay Lipikar Blume AP+M very very good

      1. , I'm sure I have a sample of the Lipikar Baume somewhere - I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the recommendation! -Catherine, Community Moderator

    2. Hi Jill, I initially purchased mine OTC (over the counter) at my local pharmacy. Since then I’ve ordered them online cheaper & easier (you know what I mean - pain).
      I’ve been using the La Roche product ~ two years, the other ~ twenty years.

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