Adult with psoriasis wearing cotton underwear and is holding a tube of ointment.

Psoriasis in the Nether Regions

Genital psoriasis is a topic that is not very easy to talk about. It can leave one blushing and racking their brain for ideas to change the subject. As if having psoriasis is not a challenge in itself, having it spread to your nether regions, well, it can certainly magnify the frustration.

What has helped me in managing genital psoriasis

Throughout the years, I've tried many expensive products, I've changed underwear brands more times than I care to count, and even spent some time going commando till it was time to move on again.

Brought to you from years of experience, I am sharing my top four tips for managing psoriasis in your genital area. They haven't failed me yet.

Cotton underwear

Listen to me: synthetics suck when you have genital psoriasis. The fabric just does not breathe the same. Airflow is limited when you wear clothes. Adding undies made out of synthetic fabric can really exacerbate the situation.

Cotton seems to breathe easier. Bamboo is also a new alternative that I have started looking into. It's also important to mention to not washing your undies in harsh washing detergent. Please make sure they rinse properly before hanging them out to dry.

Dusting off

Excessive moisture is never good. It induces chaffing and itching. This for me is the biggest battle, in particular at night. Having fragrance-free powder or corn starch powder on hand can make all the difference.

Dusting off your nether regions before sleep time or even during the day can make a huge difference. Absorbing any excess moisture and help find the balance.

Good Topical ointment

Even if it is hard to talk about, get your doctor to prescribe an ointment for your genital area. The skin is very different and it is could have an adverse effect if you use a cream that is not meant specifically for your genital skin.

I like to apply my ointment and then try not to put bottoms on for a while. Keeping an anti-fungal cream on hand can also be helpful to relieve the itch too. Again, get your doctor to give you an idea of what cream could be best. Alternatively, let them prescribe one for you.


Take those pants off. Yes, you heard me correctly. Take them off as often as you can and preferably at home. I mean if you can pull it off at work too, go for it.  More often than not, people won’t know the difference. Air out your skin and allow it to rest. An alternative to this is wearing very loose-fitting pants with no undies.

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