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My neighbor with Plaque Psoriasis

A story to tell. First off, I don't have psoriasis. But my neighbor started showing signs of it about 5 years ago. It was on her legs, developing to about the size of a football. I told her what she needed to try, but she felt the need to discuss with her doctor. After a lot of testing, she found that she was allergic to Balsam of Peru, and that she needed to avoid all the items. Which are considerable, including Chocolate. Well, she was absolutely religious about it, with minimal return on her effort. Went back to her Rheumatologist, who wanted to put her on Humira. Well, she read the patient info and decided she didn't want that. After 17 months of this, she finally decided to try my suggestion, unflavored (because of the Balsam of Peru) Kefir. Well, in a week, the site on her right leg had reduced by 5 centimeters, and in three weeks, it was gone. Still some redness, but going away. Since then, she is very disdainful of the Humira commercials, and always seems to have Kefir in her refrigerator. But has never been inclined to make it for herself. Even though she once got a kit for making Water Kefir. I have encouraged Kombucha, but she's not interested.

  1. , thanks so much for sharing here! Isn't your neighbour lucky to have such a caring neighbour 🙂 It's wonderful to read that her psoriasis has improved with kefir, and in such a short space of time too! I haven't noticed any change in my psoriasis with kefir, although I do still drink it as I'm quite keen on/interested in gut health. I have never made my own - in your experience, would that be better than store-bought kefir? I also enjoy kombucha (again, never made my own)!

    I thought you might be interested to read the following articles on probiotic drinks: and water kefir: We appreciate you joining the conversation here, Michael! Warm wishes, -Catherine, Community Moderator

    1. I don't know. I avoid dairy products, I don't need the extra estrogen. If I were doing it, i would use Water Kefir, as a DIY.

      Do you have any Arthritis?

      1. , ah I see! I am definitely going to look into this. Thank you for sharing. Yes, unfortunately I have psoriatic arthritis alongside my psoriasis. Do you suffer with arthritis too? Warmly, -Catherine, Community Moderator

    2. No. I don't have that, either. But ten years ago, my Wife had Osteoarthritis bad enough to need three prescription-strength Motrins a day. Something needed to be done, so I did the research. Turns out there was a Ph.D. in Agriculture in Australia, Dr. Newnham, that started to develop it in the 1960's. As a teacher of Soil Science, he wondered if it was a soil issue. Started looking around to see which other countries had a bad rate of Arthritis. Turned out finding which ones DID NOT. Israel only has a 1% rate. He found that it was because the Borax from the Turkish Mountains goes into the water. So he started taking a "pinch" of Borax, however that much was, and his pain started to go away in three weeks. Long story shorter, he tried to market a Borax solution. Big mistake. He was fined a thousand dollars, and the Australian government and Australian medical community saw to it that you could not purchase Borax at all in the entire continent, or England, etc. Until just recently.
      Toxicity? Less than common table salt. But in the 1920's a Boric Acid solution was mistaken for plain water, and some infants were killed. A woman in Child-bearing years should not take over 30mg of Boron (the mineral in it) per day.
      Also, since I'm posting this to a woman, another story to tell. A while back, a thousand Turkish women of low socioeconomic status were selected for a study. About 500 from a low Boron area, 500 from high Boron. In the low boron area (such as what we get) they found 15 with Cervical Cancer. In the high Boron area, they found Zero. None at all. Prospect of that happening by random chance is greater than one in ten thousand. If you do a Cancer by Country search, you can find that Australia is #1, the U.S. is #5, and Israel is #50.
      I'm 75, without a pain in my body, so maybe I'm doing something right. But I take the Boron Water, as well as my Wife, who has NO ARTHRITIS PAIN. Did I say that loud enough? It reduces the risk, on a dose-dependent basis, of at least Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, and Prostate cancer.
      Cathy, I did a search and see that you are a writer. Nicely done. If you do the research to make sure I'm not making this up and decide to write about it, I applaud that. I see Arthritis as a mineral deficiency. As a start of research, I suggest the video It will tell about things I haven't mentioned. If you need other information, such as calculating dose, just check back with me. This commentary has already gotten too long. And, obviously, I can't promise it will help your condition, but there's a reasonable prospect of it. One that has been hidden, and perhaps you can help correct that. If you do write about it, I'd appreciate a copy. I used to proof Galley Prints while I worked in the medical community.

      1. , this is all so interesting! Thank you for sharing. We actually have a couple of people over in our psoriatic arthritis community who have mentioned finding boron supplements helpful. I intended to get my doctor's thoughts on it and then evidently forgot all about it! I remember reading into this and learning about the soil differences, etc. I don't know too much about it though, so I will definitely check out the video - thank you for that! It's wonderful to read that your wife is doing so much better and isn't experiencing any arthritis pain anymore. I actually don't write articles here, but one of our writers may be interested in looking into this more. If they do, I'll be sure to let you know! Thank you again for taking the time to share. I always enjoy hearing about the alternative remedies that people find helpful. Best wishes to you and your wife! -Catherine, Community Moderator

    3. I see typical Boron supplements as rather mediocre. There is documentation of Boron levels in Turkey at 29mg/Liter. But the recommended upper limit in the U.S. is 13mg, so that would be what the doctor's answer would have been.
      I hope you aren't bothered by a little math.
      A level Tablespoon of Borax is at 12 grams. Same for Boric Acid. When our stomach acid acts on the Borax, it becomes Boric Acid. Borax is 11% Boron, and Boric Acid is 17%. In case you decide to calculate it with Borax, a level Tablespoon of 12 grams times 0.11 as the percentage. 12 x .11=1.32. So in a Tablespoon of Borax, there's 1.32 gram of Borax. There are 946ml in a quart of water. So putting that Tablespoon in a quart of water, it would be divided into 946, or 0.0013953gram/ml. That's 1.4mg/ml. So if you put a Tablespoon from that quart of Borax water into what you are drinking, with 15ml in a Tablespoon, that would be 15 x 1.4, so you would get 21 grams of Boron from that Tablespoon of the Boron water. That's certainly more than you would get from the typical Boron supplement. Easy enough to see when you watch the video that there is a lot of latitude on the amount taken daily.
      Also, a reminder that there is a lot of value in supplementing your Magnesium. From dealing with Migraines and regular headaches, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, all kinds of things. Even tight muscles. (Muscles need Calcium to contract, Magnesium to relax.) But NEVER Magnesium Oxide. Only 4% absorbed on a good day. Boron, along with Vitamin B-6, is an important cofactor for the Magnesium to participate in over 300 enzymatic reactions.
      Catherine, if you try the Boron, I hope it helps you. Give it about three weeks to start being apparent. Certainly encouraging you to watch the video.

      1. Thank you, . It's so kind of you to share your knowledge here. It certainly sounds like you have done your research! I will definitely watch the video when I have a block of time spare. I'll let you know what I think. I find this all very interesting. I am a big fan of magnesium. I used to take supplements (I can't recall which type of magnesium as it was so long ago) but now I use a topical magnesium spray. It really seems to help a lot with muscle aching, sleep and stress. I can tell when my levels need to be topped up because I become very irritable and have trouble sleeping. It's fascinating how all of these vitamins and minerals affect the body. Appreciate you sharing your insights and thoughts here, Michael! Warmly, -Catherine, Community Moderator

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