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Plaque removal? Let's talk about it.

Some people with psoriasis remove their plaques or scales. Is this something that you do? If so, how do you remove your plaques?

Ask questions and share your experience.

  1. , this is another great topic! Removing plaques/scales is something that I do but my psoriasis is pretty particular about how I do it. Picking at or peeling my psoriasis is a big no-no. I did this for many years and it really aggravated my psoriasis and also caused a lot of pain. Having said that, removing plaques is an important part of managing my psoriasis - both for keeping me feeling comfortable in my skin and for allowing any topicals to sink in properly.

    There's two ways that I go about removing my scales. The first is to simply rub an oil or lotion on the area - often some of the scales will come off this way. The second is to have a nice, long-ish bath. Sometimes, just soaking is enough for the scales to come loose. Otherwise, I will use a wash cloth to gently remove any scales that are ready to come off. It's very important (for me, at least) to not remove any scales that don't want to be removed yet - doing so only aggravates my psoriasis further.

    We do have a great article with some tips for removing plaques and scales, which I will post here for anyone who is curious:

    Very interested to hear others' experiences with plaque/scale removal! -Catherine, Community Moderator

    1. The first time I wrapped my leg with regular skin care lotion and saran wrap I had these sizeable plaques. When I unwrapped the next day they just peeled right off if they hadn't dissolved altogether.

      Now, with the raw honey, they just seem to disappear, becoming almost level with the rest of the skin.

      1. , yes, hydration can be so helpful for plaque removal! -Catherine, Community Moderator

    2. But they still look like hell.

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