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How does psoriasis impact your fashion choices?

Do you ever change your style or clothing choices because of your psoriasis?

  1. Initially I thought that my psoriasis doesn't really impact what I wear at all. But then I realised that I never wear open-toed shoes because of how psoriasis has affected my toenails! - Catherine, Community Moderator

    1. Yes, mine does! When I have it on my arms and legs I prefer to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants. I also almost never buy anything other than 100% cotton or rayon because I find most other fabrics irritating (wool is the absolute worst!). If I'm wearing my hair down, I will avoid black tops because of all the flakes, and like CathyD I avoid open-toed shoes because my toenails are quite thick.
      -Victoria, Community Moderator

      1. Because my psoriasis is mostly on scalp, I buy mostly grey clothes so flakes don't show on my clothes. Very discouraging, as I would love to wear black and bright colors.

        1. , my very favourite long-sleeved shirt is black with flecks of white. It's a PERFECT disguise for all the flakes/dandruff. I find that bright colour patterns also disguise it well. Someone should start a line of psoriasis clothing with all these little tricks, because I would buy that! Hope you're hanging in there,
          -Victoria, Community Moderator

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