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Weather and Psoriasis

Summer "fun" and psoriasis don't always go hand in hand. Hot temperatures while trying to cover your skin with long sleeved shirts? Definitely not fun.

How do you manage your symptoms when the weather gets warmer?

  1. I avoid going outside in summer to avoid direct exposure to the sun.

    1. Hi ElaineMcCarthy. Even though sunlight helps many with psoriasis, you are not alone in needing to avoid it. In fact, in this article one of our contributors writes about her need to stay in the shade: Best, Richard ( Team)

  2. I find that tropical sun lotion will help with my patches on my legs. It keeps it moist and virtually invisible.
    Tropicana dark works the best

    1. I have psoriasis on my scalp and face. I understand that sunlight is good for psoriasis, but I also have rosacea, which you need to keep out of the sun. It's pretty frustrating. I now wear a baseball cap to shade at least part of my face, but I won't use sunscreen due to the toxic chemicals therein.

      1. Hi CedarSpirit. Sunlight can certainly be a catch-22. The sun helps many with psoriasis symptoms, but can present problems, including the risk of skin cancer. Phototherapy can help some and can have a more directed/targeted use. This article from our editorial team takes a closer look at this therapy: Of course, any potential treatment should be discussed with a person's medical team, in your case especially considering the rosacea. Best, Richard ( Team)

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