A woman reaching for a bra that won't irritate a patch of Psoriasis that is flaring in between her breasts.

Psoriasis Between the Breasts

Last updated: February 2020

This one is more for the ladies. It's important to note, that if you are a man who has a woman in your life that lives with psoriasis, please take the time to read this. At the very least you could gain some insight into one of life’s greatest challenges as a woman with psoriasis.

How does psoriasis affect skin between the breasts?

Women’s breasts have often been at the forefront of many debates and conversations. Ranging from size to shape, big or small, underwire or no wire often being a topic of discussion. Breastfeeding will also always bring another range of conversations to the table. Honestly, I have never understood this. As the only person who should have a say in all of this is the person whose breasts they are.

Living with psoriasis between the breast and curves can present many challenges in this specific area of your life. Be they big, be they small, be your preference, lace or cotton. Should you choose to breastfeed or not, it is all up to you. The challenge of having psoriasis on or around your breast area can be so hard to manage and live with.

When breast psoriasis became a problem

For many years this was something I chose not to concern myself with. Undoubtedly, there would be some psoriasis spots on my back, sides, and tummy, but never would reach my breasts. This seemed to lull me into some kind of false sense of security. Needless to say, this changed. I would argue it’s possibly because even in illness the best is saved for last.

The skin on and around this area is often more sensitive than most, for some of us anyway. My skin is often protected from the sun, so it is possible that mine is more sensitive than most. I try not to use the heavy topical steroids and if I have to, I water it down with my normal moisturizer.

Tips for treating psoriasis between the breasts

Here are some things that have helped me that may or may not help you. I do hope if nothing else that it brings you the feeling of sisterhood. We are in this together, all fighting and finding ways to cope.

What bra type is best?

Wire or Wireless. This one I think often comes down to personal choice and comfort. What I can tell you is that a wire that has wiggled its way out of the smooth fabric, can pierce your skin. It can cause irritation and if you have psoriasis in the area it could aggravate or even cause a flare.

So be careful of that, I choose wire for some days and wireless for others and some days we go commando.

What fabric is best for psoriasis between the breast?

I shop by touch. Before I even look at that pretty dress or that sexy bra, I feel it. My fingers are like well-trained guide dogs. They can tell if this will work against my skin or not. In winter, I can take no chances, it must be perfect, whereas in summer I can take more chances.

Nevertheless, I have found that I can handle both lacy satin and soft cotton if the bra fits correctly.

Get a bra fitting

Seriously, do this. Get your bras fitted correctly. It will be the best thing that you ever chose to do for yourself. Your body and your skin will thank you.

Getting the right support along with creating a healthy environment for your skin is so important. Equally, important a properly fitting bra does not aggravate the skin so much.

Managing sweat

This will have most of us grimacing.  Sweat is terrible. In summer months and in winter, particularly if you have a high body temperature. Or if your breasts are in the larger end of the spectrum. Sweat is a common occurrence that is thankfully not smelly and does not really cause too many issues when taken care of.

One the other hand, if you add psoriasis to that mix, you have a recipe for disaster. Sticking on panty liners can help with this, as they are super absorbent. And yes, I do mean you should stick on the inside of your bra or under the edge, whatever works for you.  

What works for your psoriasis between the breasts?

Over the years I have found that my handbag will often contain some cornflour in a small container, some cream, and a good few panty liners. When the idea of a bra touching my skin is just too much, I will use this method if I am having a terrible flare and it's just way too hot.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to drop me a comment below, I would love to hear them all.

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