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A Psoriasis Pain in the Behind

By far one of the most relentless and frustrating places to have psoriasis is your bottom. This is not a subject that is as comfortably discussed as other body parts.

Psoriasis in the buttocks

There is certainly a level of embarrassment that comes with it. On that, it can often be so embarrassing that is can even affect discussions with our doctors. Some people simply feel ashamed about it. Which is silly really but a completely normal human reaction.

Discussing any part of anatomy which is below the belt is not really dinner table conversation. All of that being said though when you have psoriasis, anywhere, it is something that needs to be spoken about, most importantly, with your doctor.

Is it psoriasis?

There is only one simple answer to this question, you need to take it to the doctor. You may find that your butt crack itself has developed an itch or a new level of pain. This needs to be checked out.

It is a very sensitive area that can get infected quite easily. If you cannot bring yourself to utter the words out loud, then write them down before you go to the doctor. Make a list of what you are experiencing and ask the questions after that.

The importance of psoriasis hygiene

I cannot stress this enough. Keep your bottom clean. And yes I do mean more than usual. Between your bum cheeks is a place that can easily get psoriasis, be it inverse or plaque, or even guttate.

We all know that psoriasis takes no mercy and will go for all your body parts.  This is an area that creates a lot of body heat and can quickly get infected when you have an open wound, scratch, or sore.

The best underwear for your butt

If you are able to wear loose underwear while you are at home or you are comfortable to go commando then it might be worth a try. Alternatively, try breathable cotton underwear. Something to allow your body heat to escape a little and lessen the chances of a breeding ground for infection.

G strings are a no-no for most people, they may feel like they are slicing right through your body. They are also likely to cause mass irritation for the skin there with chaffing. Be careful.

Treatment options for psoriasis in the buttocks

I am not even joking, bum cream guys! Get a good brand and use it. See what is compatible with your skin. Something that is okay for a baby's bum is almost sure to be okay for yours.

Zinc helps with inflammation and the cream keeps bacteria out while moisturizing thoroughly. This is so the skin does not crack all by itself. Heavens knows we only need one crack. If you are concerned that your cream will melt with body heat and stain your clothes, pop a sanitary pad in the back of your undies to help catch this.

Psoriasis in the sensitive areas

Managing psoriasis on your bottom or in between the cheeks can prove to be quite a mission. Be careful of how you manage this area of your body, if you have psoriasis in between the cheeks, you will find that it is very sensitive.

If you scratch it, just one too many scratches will leave blood under your nails and a new level of “pain in the butt” will be reached.

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