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Psoriasis Is like a Three-Year-Old

Psoriasis Is like a Three-Year-Old

As a parent with psoriasis, I often wonder which is harder: parenting or dealing with a chronic disease? Since all three of my boys are under the age of 8, it’s really a toss up sometimes. As I was pondering this the other day, my three-year-old was having an especially frustrating day. This made me come to the realization that psoriasis actually is very much like a threenager.

Both are easily irritated

My wife made the grave and amateur mistake last month of trying a new laundry detergent. Afterall, it was on sale for a dollar less than our regular soap and also deemed “free and clear”, so what could go wrong? Well—I’ll tell you what went wrong—my skin revolted, screaming and inflamed within the first hour of wearing my freshly washed shirt. My armpits started itching and the tell-tale red splotches appeared before lunch.

If you have any connection with a three-year-old, you will know that this is all-too-familiar behavior for them as well. Once I put him in his shirt with a plane on it instead of his beloved Seahawk shirt (which was in the wash), and I suffered an unspeakable wrath for the next hour.

Both are picky

Did you know that a quesadilla cut in quarters tastes exponentially better than a quesadilla cut in halves? Or that applesauce from a squeeze pack is somehow inferior to sauce from a jar? This was all new news to me as a parent.

My psoriasis is just as particular. One day it will be absolutely content with a treatment that has been working for the last several weeks then—BOOM—for no particular reason it is back in full force. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for its sudden distaste, but it lets its dissatisfaction be made known loud and clear.

Both influence my clothing choices

Whether you have psoriasis, little kids or both, the rule of thumb is to never wear white. You will undoubtably get either blood stains, ketchup stains or a disgusting combination of both on your clothing. Enough said.

Both are clingy

Anyone with psoriasis knows that this disease hangs on for dear life. I honestly feel sometimes that it is a little bit obsessed with me. It doesn’t get the hint that sometimes I just want some “me time”. I don’t want to think about doctor’s appointments, itchiness, medical bills, new spots, itchiness, laundry detergent, flaking or itchiness, but I seemingly don’t have a choice.

My kiddo is the same way. He seems to be my own personal shadow that knows no bounds. Bathroom? Yep, he is there. Putting in my contacts? He is asking where his blue racecar is. Doing the dishes? There is almost always an urgent need for a snack.

Here is the difference

The biggest difference is this: I love my kid. I don’t care how annoying or trying he may be sometimes, he is my pride and joy. I enjoy watching him grow and learn. He continues to evolve each day and become warmer and brighter. My psoriasis doesn’t do any of that for me. So I guess I figured out my answer!

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  • donnahall29
    8 months ago

    Hey Chris. I’d like to offer a possible solution. I found something that really works for me. I have more than one type of psoriasis. Any spots that come up on a flat, open spot in my skin can be treated fine with the typical ointment from the store. And gone in a week or so. But I’ve also developed the type that loves to form in places that are closed up. For instance, under the breasts and in the cracks along the groin area. For those, I’ve find something amazing. It’s called Calmoseptine. It is found in the adult diaper section at Walgreens. It’s very thick and almost white so it may not be something you want to slather all over visible spots before leaving the house but do it as often as possible. Note: it has a cool feeling when applied. A dr at an ER visit last year gave me a sample and I’ve used it ever since. Originally it was marketed as a diaper rash ointment, it is now used to prevent bed sores and such for the elderly. Please try this stuff. It’s amazing!

  • Clair G moderator
    8 months ago

    @chrisp I relate to this so well. I could add in some mood swings and defiant behavior.

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