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Directing A Psoriasis Commercial: The Invisibility of Pain

Psoriasis commercials. We have all seen them. Along with their standard language and repetitive phrases, they just cannot seem to depict psoriasis for what it truly is. A condition that cracks and bleeds into all areas of our life – it is much more than just visible plaques on the skin.

The bouncy music and beautiful actors also seem to promote the stigma that this condition simply impacts the skin and nothing else. No wonder our friends and loved ones have difficulty understanding the impact of this chronic condition. They believe we match the energy of those riding in convertibles and jumping into pools.

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Ready? Set? Action!

We asked our psoriasis community what they thought of these commercials by asking, "If you could direct a psoriasis commercial, what would you make sure was included?" and boy, did they share some accurate responses. So much, in fact, we have created a few articles focused on just this topic.

Here, we will be sharing some insight on the painful invisible symptoms. Feel free to check our other articles focused on treatment accuracy and representation of non-skin symptoms within media and commercials. That's right, we went there.

Mental health

"Experiences of depression and anxiety."

Show us the mental health and emotional toll that goes into managing psoriasis symptoms, treatment, and all that come with it. Stress and depression can lead to increased flares or symptoms, making you more stressed and depressed. This vicious cycle continues – stress, anxiety, worse skin symptoms, then repeat.1,2

Constant pain and fatigue

"Spurts of fatigue. Living with the constant itch and constant pain."

Fatigue is a symptom of psoriasis that deserves more awareness. With zero energy, a lack of drive, and the constant need to take a break are only a few ways that fatigue can impact daily life. Psoriasis causes an immune system reaction, and when the immune system is on hyper-alert all the time, the body gets tired because it is constantly working. In addition to emotional exhaustion, there is also the fact that psoriasis can cause discomfort, which can impact sleep.


"To let the public know that it’s not something that people can catch."

Stigma is an often unspoken reality of psoriasis. The reality of psoriasis is rude comments, unwelcome stares, and answering uncomfortable questions. There is also unsolicited advice and a lack of understanding of what psoriasis truly is. Awareness can help erase certain stigmas, especially the biggest one: Psoriasis is not contagious.

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Shame and guilt

"Don't be embarrassed by the scales and pustules, it's nothing to be ashamed of."

Coping with social isolation, the constant feeling that people are staring, and facing the daily frustrations that your own body could treat you this way. Feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment, or helplessness are common feelings when living with such a visible condition, especially when you feel like no one understands.

You are in the director's seat!

Now we want to hear from you. We specifically created a forum to give you the opportunity to answer the big question.
"If you could direct a psoriasis commercial, what would you make sure was included?" Go ahead and answer by clicking the blue button below.

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