Learn The Signs of Depression With Psoriasis

Have you ever felt depressed? If you're human then I expect the answer is yes, at some point.

If you have ever felt rejected, your partner has dumped you, or if you have lost your job. You may have experienced that feeling where you don't want to get out of bed. Perhaps entertained the idea that your food options are chocolate biscuits or maybe salt and vinegar chips.

The thing is, how do you know when these feelings become more than feeling a bit depressed?

What does depression with psoriasis look like?

Living with a chronic health problem with no definite expiration date can certainly be depressing. I am a naturally optimistic person, and most of the time, I can brush off the oppressive burdens of my disease before they weigh too heavily on my soul.

Sometimes? Sometimes I can't. And that is ok. It's natural to have those times where you feel sorry for yourself. Where you stay in bed watching trash TV and wake up with cake crumbs on your face. As long as the sadness you feel doesn't last too long.

Warning signs of depression

The usual guidelines are two weeks, but if you're binge eating in bed all day, I would be wary after a few days if the severity doesn't improve. Here are a few of my own signs:

  • I haven't brushed my hair for more than two days
  • I haven't brushed my teeth for more than a day
  • I have no interest in eating fruit
  • I have no interest in leaving my bed
  • I don't want to learn anything
  • Writing feels like a chore (even if I'm being paid to do it)
  • I only contact friends via text or social media
  • Eating foods that bring me joy, and personal hygiene are top priorities in my 'normal' life. When I am feeling down, these seem overwhelmingly hard or unimportant.

    Defining clinical depression

    I recently spent six weeks in the state mentioned above with severe pregnancy nausea. On multiple occasions, I feared I was becoming depressed.

    There were a few differences I noticed that helped me realize I was feeling depressed about my current circumstances and not suffering from clinical depression. When I suffered from clinical depression I:

    • Stopped listening to music
    • No longer derived pleasure from small acts of self-care and didn't see the point
    • Felt unworthy of investing in my self-development
    • Avoided all contact with friends and hated social media
    • Didn't tell anyone how I was feeling

    Learn your own warning signs

    It's important to be consciously aware of the things you enjoy in life because when I started to become depressed, I didn't notice things falling out of my life. Like listening to music. I only noticed they had been missing when these interests started coming back.

    I have spoken to a few people about their depression signs. I resonated with one friend who said she realizes what is coming when she finds the car is silent and she can't remember when she stopped turning on the radio for her daily commute.

    Sometimes we need some peace, but sometimes it can tell us to be aware of something else so we can put measures in place before we end up in the dark place again. What do you enjoy doing that you don't really think about?

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