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Does Psoriasis Cause Trauma?

This is a question that puzzles so many people. I have really dug deep in my own life as to the answer to this baffling question. What I’ve come up with is that is an individual thing. I had to examine myself and also ask myself, “What is trauma?” Trauma is something that is a deeply disturbing experience that has happened to you.

I know for me psoriasis was definitely a disturbing experience for me. I know in my early years with this disease, it was not understood and there was so much fear for me. Did this impact things in my life? I would certainly say yes. Of course, it affects people in different ways. Your age and your environment have a lot to do with psychological outcomes.

Asking the questions

I was asked to take an assessment questionnaire relating to whether I’ve been affected by trauma having psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. I began to read over the questionnaire line by line and it was asking so many questions pertaining to your emotional experiences, feeling isolated because of psoriasis. It was talking about secrets you kept, positive people and negative people that you allowed in your space. Without hesitation, I completed the questionnaire knowing that they wanted to get a count of how this disease affects people. While answering a lot of the questions, a lot of feeling hopeless and helpless kept creeping in. I’ve worked very hard to try and stay positive with this disease.

What has helped me over the years is to become part of a support network. I, in turn, have been that voice to help those who have been traumatized by psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Psoriasis can change your life; you need that support.

Seeing through our experiences

Many of us know what anxiety is on a day by day basis. We have our own anxiety by dealing with our disease. It’s a full-time job to understand the changes in your mood from one day to the next. All it takes is one flare up and it can often traumatize a person.

I remember when I was young that I was moody. I have overreacted to things that were not worth overreacting to. I would take things too far and react to how I was being treated. I have come to understand that people will react to things that they don’t understand.

We can never underestimate what somebody’s mind might think or feel. In writing this story, what could be traumatic for someone having 80 to 90 percent plaque psoriasis coverage may be nothing; but for someone that has a new diagnosis showing a few plaques may be traumatic. It depends on the person's situation and psychological health.

Trauma doesn't define us

When you ask me if psoriasis causes trama? I tell whoever may be asking, it depends on the person. We can’t speculate or just assume everybody is the same. This is evident in why support groups are and will always be necessary in a world where diseases continue to be a way of life for so many people. Some people just can’t take the overload of so many life situations. We must be the voice that lets people know you can make it and you are a survivor. Don’t let trauma dictate who you are. Deal with it and live the best life you can live.

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