Sleep Hangover

Last updated: June 2020

Sleep deprivation, I am sure that it must qualify as one of the worst tortures in the world. When I was younger we thought that the effect of being rested and having slept properly was overrated. Oh contraire my friends. I do believe that it is the most underrated of all health concerns. While we are galloping in a field with the wind blowing in our hair in dreamland, our bodies are working fervently to do what must be done. Muscles are being repaired, our memory bank is being charged, also, hormones and chemicals are being regulated. Connections in the brain are being made, tissues are being repaired, and finally, our bodies get a chance to rest and get ready for another day.

Sleep troubles

There are many reasons why we might have broken sleep, I do not think that I was ever a great sleeper. I recall always struggling to fall asleep as a young child. Then I had my first child, colic, bad sleeper and the apple of my eye. The struggle continued, now my latest culprit is my skin and my joints for keeping me up at night. Some nights are better than others, and some nights, well they are truly a horror.

Sleepless nights

What keeps you awake at night? For me, it is pain from inflammation and grouchy joints. Itchy skin and having trouble regulating my body temperature. Add a little girl who is having bad dreams to this combination and you are surely set. Set to have no sleep and sit in all sorts of uncomfortable positions, all night long.

The sleep hangover

The alarm clock goes off, you snooze it and repeat this action a few times before you dare to move too much. Besides feeling like a sandbank is resting on your eyes lids and every time you blink it delicately drops some more sand into your eyes. The light is too bright, your eyes hurt, and you have a headache. I am starting to wonder if my body went gallivanting with some friends and a bottle of tequila. Everything hurts. Your joints are protesting greatly and your skin is begging you to take it back under the covers, it is safe and warm there. The sleep hangover has arrived.

The very first words that ran through my head this morning, were: “How am I going to survive this day?” next to me my little human lies peacefully catching the last few minutes after a long night. I quietly find my way out of bed, grumbling along the way, my body hurts. My heart is heavy and I need to go to work. No more sick days left, a single mom who works two jobs. It is time to slip those big girl pants on and tackle the day.

Surviving the next day

Coffee, the only way to convince me to get going these days, a beautiful soft cup of java. The aroma alone makes me feel better. A warm shower to help the body ache and I am sure not to add anything extra, that could possibly in any way aggravate my skin any further. That would just be adding fuel to fire. Once my little one is on her way to school, I am sure to stock up on a good breakfast, eat something that is going to sustain and sister, pack snacks. You are going to need every bit of spare energy.  I drink some vitamin boosters and my pain meds, sporting some dark sunglasses and comfortable clothing. I face the day. Last but not least I give everyone I work with a heads up that I am not too user friendly and best to leave me in peace.

Disheveled and worse for wear, I will make it through my day and tonight, a warm shower, some extra TLC and an early night awaits.

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