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How To Keep Calm & Avoid Psoriasis Flares In Times of Stress

There's no doubt that we are living in stressful times. With COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, affecting people worldwide, it can be difficult to remain stress-free.

Holed up in our homes, quarantined from our friends and families, running out of things to do. It’s easy to see how this not only affects our physical health but our mental health as well. Here are some things to implement into your routine in order to lead a more stress-free life.


Meditation has always been a big one for me. It centers me and it’s a nice reprieve from the hustle and bustle that my day-to-day life brings. There are several ways to meditate but here are some of the basics.

  • Choose your Space. Pick a space that feels comfortable to you. Somewhere you feel happy and safe.
  • Lighting. Dim the lights, light some candles or find a nightlight. This creates a calming atmosphere.
  • Scent. Use a diffuser or just apply some essential oil to your wrists. The scent, for me, is important in creating a calming environment.
  • Sounds. Some people prefer sounds, such as rainfall or guided meditation tapes. You can find these on YouTube. Others find silence calming. Whatever works for you!
  • Focus. Focus is key. Maybe you are focusing on your breathing. Maybe you are focusing on the sound of the rain or wind. Staying focused on something is essential to ease your mind.

It doesn’t take long to meditate. Setting aside only a few moments a day can be truly beneficial to your overall health and well being. And meditation costs nothing! For me, it’s a must-have on my list of stress-free activities.


Working out has proven to be beneficial to your overall health. Physical activity also helps in the production of your brain's feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins.

While we may not be able to hit up our local gym right now, there are plenty of ways to work out indoors. I always recommend checking out YouTube for free workout videos. Also, follow some people on Instagram and Facebook.

This is a great time to utilize social media. Just type in some helpful hashtags, such as #yoga, #zumba, #workout, to get started. You would be surprised at how many in-home workouts are available online.

Keep In Touch

Staying in touch with friends and family is important. Now, more than ever, we need those human connections. While current events have made it more difficult, if not impossible, to see people in person, there are ways around this.

  • Snail Mail. Send some mail! Write a letter or a card. Send it to a friend or loved one. There’s something about getting mail that really cheers people up.
  • Virtual Meet-ups. Applications like Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime have been truly lifesaving in terms of communication. Download an app and get the whole family on board!
  • Texting and Talking. Don’t forget to just pick up the phone. Give a friend a call or shoot them a text. It’s important to check on one another, now more than ever.


Stress and sleep have always been closely linked. Not getting a sufficient amount of sleep can increase stress levels. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults need 7 or more hours of sleep per night for the best health and wellbeing.

So, hit the hay and get those Z’s!

Turn off the T.V.

I understand the importance of knowing what’s going on in the world, especially today. But there is such a thing as too much. The American Institute of Stress recommends taking brief breaks each hour whenever possible.

The side effects? Enhanced feelings of well-being, more energy, less muscle tension, and greater resilience to stressful events.

I know these can be scary and stressful times. It’s important to stay calm and stay together. Even if that’s not in the physical sense right now, we really are in this together. And together, we will get through this. Stay healthy and happy.

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