Anticipation of Summer With Psoriasis

Last updated: May 2020

You guys, I cannot wait. Summer is on its way. Sunshine, eating ice cream before it melts and hopefully, psoriasis remission.

If history repeats itself, remission is heading my way for at least 4- 6 months. I could not be more excited.

The promise of summer skin

Days start earlier, the mornings are warmer and the promise of more warmth is in the air. When I wake up for work, the birds are singing, all the fruit trees are in blossom and it certainly is a sight to behold.

Yes, this is a winter person getting excited about the summer. Why you may ask? I am excited because my skin is excited. The dark long months of winter are behind us and the promise of clear skin is my current future.

The seasonal psoriasis flare

If there is one thing that I can count on, it is that my skin knows when the seasons are changing. Every year without fail, I will start my flare at the beginning of winter. This year believe it or not, it came early with all the bells and whistles.

Before winter had even properly started, I was full of bright pink spots, sore joints, and a grouchy disposition. Not my idea of fun at all. Sadly not for the people around me either. I am so blessed to be surrounded by love and support.

Psoriasis coping in the cold

Through the winter, I managed to stay some version of sane. With the help of an old trusty moisturizer, some RX topical ointments, and a grateful attitude, it has been long and hard.

Long nights with blood-stained sheets and sleepless nights. I somehow even came to enjoy this time, even though exhaustion hit a whole new level. I am looking forward to warmer rest and possibly a less grouchy self.

Spring comes before summer

My skin feels different. I could not explain it if I tried, and believe me I have tried. It is as if the surface texture is different. My skin is almost smoother.

In general, my pain levels are a little lower and I find my skin to be more tolerable of creams and soaps. I find moving easier and my general disposition is a little better, less dragon lady and a less more, well happy dragon lady.

With summer, comes psoriasis remission

Before long, the days will be hotter and the sun will be my best friend. Sun-kissed and clear skin is on the way, folks. I am simply, so excited. I will be able to use lovely smelling body washes and soaps to my delight. The movement will be easier and there will be less cracked skin and bleeding bits.

What is my plan for summer this year? I am going to wing it. Knowing that I will be spending some time in the African sun with adequate protection, I am really going to focus on being happy. Spreading love and kindness and representing my skin by fighting the good fight.

Bring on the sunshine, I am ready.

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