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Treatment Issues

Psoriasin cream reviews anyone?

  • By CrazyGekkoGrl

    Have any of you ever used a topical cream called Psoriasin?

    I started breaking out on my elbows and knees back in Janurary and just thought I had really dry skin. In 8 months my legs and feet have spotted out in tiny red circular blotches that grow larger with in weeks and get irchy and scaley. Right now I am starting to get tiny blotches on my arms and back and hands. We believe it to be plaque psoriasis and a friend who is a R.N. agreed when she saw my legs and arms.
    We are currently trying to get insurance through my job so I can get to a Doctor to get a proper regimen but I am misserable. T
    It itches so badly at times and I find I am scratching my legs and elbows in my sleep until I bleed. My mom found Psoriasin and I am curious how it has done for others bc right now any relief is a blessing.

  • By VickiN Moderator

    Hi CrazyGekkoGrl!
    I’m happy to hear you’re going to try and get to a Dermatologist for a proper diagnosis/treatment plan, but I think you’re doing the right thing by trying to find some OTC creams in the meantime. I haven’t personally used Psoriasin, but I know many who have and it’s a great place to start. Here are some more community recommendations if you’re interested:
    Thanks so much for reaching out to us, and hopefully some community members can chime in as well! Take good care of yourself,
    -Victoria, Community Moderator