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New Psoriasis Sympton

I have had psoriasis for 60 1/2 years. You would think that by now you have experienced it all. NOT!!!

I have had nail psoriasis in the past. It was so bad that it was pushing up my nails. The worst pain I ever had.

Well, in the past few months, I started having PsO on the palm of my hand. This is a first. It is very hard and you can't even scrap it off.

My dermatologist prescribed me some cream, but it's not helping yet.

Have you ever experienced a different type of psoriasis after having it for years? If so, what treatments are you using? We would love to hear from you.

  1. Do you know what type of psoriasis that you have?

    1. I have pustular psoriasis.

    2. Hello , I agree, the inverse psoriasis is the worst. I have had it in places that I never want to have it again. Diane (Team Member)

  2. It's more painful than skin psoriasis

    1. Hello , I have never had pustular psoriasis. I have heard that it is very painful. What type of treatment do you use? We would like to hear from you, Diane (Team Member)

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