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Which type(s) of psoriasis do you have?

While our community is called, we're here for everyone who is impacted by psoriasis - no matter what kind. I thought it might be interesting for us all to share which types of psoriasis we're dealing with.

For anyone who needs a refresher on the different types of psoriasis, the following article looks at plaque, guttate, inverse, pustular and erythrodermic:

Personally, I have plaque (including scalp psoriasis and plantar psoriasis), guttate and inverse. I also have nail psoriasis and a diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis.

Looking forward to hearing others' experiences!

  1. Hello , I started out with plaque, scalp, and nail psoriasis from the jump. ( years old) Erythodermic, guttate, and inverse didn't rear their ugly head until decades later. I started having symptoms of psoriatic arthritis at the age of 25 but didn't get diagnosis until I was 50. This is a gift that keeps on giving.

    1. , bless you. You have been through SO much with your psoriasis over the years. And your psoriatic arthritis. You are a constant source of inspiration for me (and I'm sure many people in the community). I can see from your other comment that you're having a rough time at the moment 😢 Sincerely hoping that everything calms down for you very soon. You deserve relief. Thank you so much for sharing here. Lots of love! 💖 -Catherine, Community Moderator

  2. Sorry about the ‘late’ input, motivation issues…
    I started with Plantar [hands] psoriasis when I was 20. A year later Inverse psoriasis in my genitals, also Plaque psoriasis. Psoriatic Arthritis started when I was 24 & remains predominantly in my SI joint.
    During this period, several decades, I sought advice from eleven dermatologists, they were - struggling to proffer mitigating and or ameliorate strategies. One suggested, as a last resort, arsenic tablets…
    When the Inverse psoriasis transitioned to my urethra I decided to [urgently] seek a Biological ‘path’, but Dermatologists cannot prescribe Biologics in Australia so I sought out a Rheumatologist. They wanted a ‘steady as she goes’ approach of Methotrexate & Sulphur tablets. Still on the former, the latter had to stop as urinating was another higher level of pain. Subsequently tried two TNF Alpha Biologics, plus MTX, no improvement, currently on MTX & Taltz nine months in and no discernible improvement.
    I pointed out to one Dr we have no way, currently, of measuring pain in an accurate, consistent & reproducible way, even locating the source is a ‘hit & miss’ affair.
    My Dr, I’m lucky in one sense, her son is a member of the ‘psoriasis team’, ‘skin in the game’ so to speak, she has had endeavoured to provide pain management starting with morphine patches, unfortunately they helped for approx. ten months, now on synthetic opioids, ibuprofen & paracetamol. This provides a modicum of pain suppression, I still urinate with trepidation…
    I see my Rheumatologist in November this year when, according to him, ‘we’ll’ probably try a different Interleukin suppressor if Taltz continues to provide no improvement.
    I was an Electrical Engineer before retiring that had transitioned into IT [Cisco certified] and I was - am watching with interest what AI can provide to us [psoriasis sufferers]. I hear the concerns, however those same concerns were raised when the first computers were commissioned all those years ago. Work being done in the gene ‘enhancing’ arena for cancer management, appears to have merit for us as well.

    1. The palmoplantar manifests as plaque psoriasis.
      I have to see the lighter side, I had an 'outbreak' during an Easter period and there I am trying to hide the psoriasis whilst receiving holy bread from the priest (Anglican - Episcopal), which we receive with open palms and there I am with red - white 'angry' coloured circles 20 - 30 mm in the centre of both my palms. He was taken aback for a few seconds.

    2. , thank you for sharing, as always. The palmoplantar on my feet is also like plaque psoriasis, which is why I'm a bit confused about these blisters on my palms. I guess I'll see if any more pop up and take it from there. I can imagine the priest did do a double take - that was interesting timing and placement from your psoriasis! Seeing the lighter side of things can really help us cope sometimes. We often hear from people who say that if they don't laugh, they'll cry. Isn't that the truth! Hoping today is kind to you, Dewi. Warmly, -Catherine, Community Moderator

  3. Hello , I am having so many emotions right now. First off, your journey is amazing. I have so much I want to say, but I am going to make this short. You talked about having this in the urethra. For a year I was telling my doctor something was going on with me. It was a visit to a kidney doctor that found out I had an infection. Fast forward to a year later. I had some tests done which came back abnormal. I go to a specialist for "down there" on July 11th. I am having the worst psoriasis flare in 20 years. I am on Methotrexate now also. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Thanks for sharing. Diane (Team Member)

    1. A personal question if I may; Has psoriasis ‘returned’ “down there” if so how are you managing it please? Thanks in advance.

  4. Right now I am using Triamcinolone Acetonide cream. It seems to be helping some, but very slowly. This is a prescription from my doctor.

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