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Stocking up for Winter with Psoriasis

When the leaves start changing color and the days are shorter, I know that winter is coming. While it is one of my most favorite times of the year, it is also one of the most challenging. Due to getting seasonal flares, winter is often a really tough time for me, mentally and physically. 

Tips to prepare for winter

When Autumn comes then I know it is time to start gathering all the goodies I will need to carry me through with a relative amount of ease. There are things that I use every single winter without fail. There is no harm in making sure when winter hits I am good to go and won't need to actually go anywhere.


Child's farm sensitive skin is my moisturizer of choice and I use a lot of it. Winter and Summer, it is my go-to cream. I order at least 6 bottles before the winter starts so that I have in the cupboard when I need it.

This moisturizer is the only one I have been able to use consistently day in and out since I was diagnosed many years ago.  When I cannot use soap, I double up and use it to wash my body too. I find that in winter it helps lift the dead skin nicely. It also doesn't destroy my nicer clothes as it is not very oily.

RX repeat

My psoriasis is nothing if not reliable. At the first sign of my flare starting, I make my yearly trip to my doctor.  I go over any concerns I have, we do a blood panel and check everything out. I get a 6-month repeat on my script and go load it at a local pharmacy that delivers.

He is always kind enough to tell me about anything new on the market that he thinks might be worth a try. Sometimes I feel brave and will give something new a go. Other times, well other times, we just stick to the same old which we know helps me bare it through winter.

Creature comforts

There are little things that are not prescribed by a doctor that I could not go without. My eggshell topper on my bed and heating bottles/pads are also pretty high on the must-have list. 

I ensure that I have good books to reads, some healthy snacks (some unhealthy ones too), frozen ice packs ready in the freezer. New inner soles for my shoes, gloves for winter, and aching hands are a high priority.

Prepare so you can rest

One of the last things to do before winter hits are to make sure that all the big projects are done. Some of the smaller ones too. The craft projects and the house and garden chores should be relatively up to date. Cleanouts and revamps, moving of furniture, and repacking of cupboards should all be done too.

Make sure you have some extras groceries and cleaning products in the cupboard. It by no means needs to be a lot, just something to carry you through. You can also precook and freeze some meals for the days when you are too sore to cook.

Once all of this is done, you have done what you can to prepare for the coming flare and cold months. On those days that you wake up and your body just aches too much to get out of bed. You know you can just rest, snuggle up with a movie or a good book, and simply rest.

How do you prepare for winter?

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