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Psoriasis? Inside nostrils

Until I got psoriasis inside both nostrils I really thought inside the ears was the worst place to get it, on my head anyway!

Any tips please? I'm doing daily sinus rinses, applying soft paraffin ointment with cue tips and sparingly using Naseptin cream.
I'm shortly to arrange allergy screening due to advise of a private ENT who suggested the management as above.
Thing is while I'm waiting its still causing blockages and frequently bleeds and gets infected.
I just want to know if anyone else has this and how they manage it please?

  1. Hi @sarah9786, I can hear how uncomfortable this is for you. While I hope you hear back from our community members with their tips, I am sending you an article from one of our advocates about her experience: I really hope you can get some relief. Jill, Team Member

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